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Sara_Ali thanked Seirazde in topic Park Shin Hye's Fashion Statement 18 minutes ago
Sara_Ali thanked Seirazde in topic Park Shin Hye's Fashion Statement 18 minutes ago
Sara_Ali thanked eve in topic Park Shin Hye's Fashion Statement 18 minutes ago
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eve replied to the topic '6th Oct 2015 - Chanel Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week' in the forum. 48 minutes ago

I wonder if Park Shin Hye arrived in Paris Charles de Gaule airport. I searched hi and low :P for pictures of her leaving Seoul.... nada.

I hope we get to see her come to the show in her Chanel


eve replied to the topic 'Chat Room' in the forum. 51 minutes ago

@maris, I read back what I wrote.... :lol: :P and look out the window, the trees still have leaves :lol: and some still have the green in them more then the pale yellowish tone. :blush: :lol:

@sidy, thank you for posting that video... it truly is beautifully made with the right pictures and the right gifs. come to think of it, your colleagues are right, there is semblance of Helen of Troy beauty as the personification of ideal beauty. Playful and real emotions.

@DOH, I am one who loves Shinhye in Hayate, the Combat Butler.... in spite of her being .... may I use the term "foreigner" since she is neither Chinese nor Taiwanese.... but a Korean actress...the character was ably portrayed by her, as a matter of fact, she was good in her expressions and interactions, exceeded my expectations. ... I think... reason why some don't like it is because they expect the drama to be as what they want it to be... for instance... American-like, fluid. some thinks some Korean dramas as mundane and unrealistic but that's Korean, that is 'normal'... so with watching Indian theme... full of dancing and so on.

That made me fall for George Hu is his caring attitude and manners... He was, in the BTS, attentive to Shinhye, wanting to make her feel as comfortable as possible in a foreign setting.



leticia replied to the topic '2015 - Shin Hye's STORY OF ANGEL photobooks.' in the forum. 56 minutes ago

Someone know how can i get her photobook? :(
I really want buy one but it's not easy to find....


eve thanked FJ Combs in topic Chat Room 1 hour 19 minutes ago
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eve replied to the topic '2014 - 상의원 / Sanguiwon / The Royal Tailor' in the forum. 1 hour 39 minutes ago

Interesting and to the point woven truth extracted from the movie, The Royal Tailor. I love how the movie critic explains the storyline. Catchy and eloquent.

May I quote a part written.... which points to....

" ....... reinforcing the film’s message that clothes do not make the man. By contrast, the graceful Park (referring to Park Shin Hye) emanates beauty from within."

Thank you sis @irene, me too, will re-watch the movie this weekend with my cousins.. :) and I'm sure I will find something 'new that I might have missed' when I watched it previously :blush:


eve thanked Irene in topic 2014 - 상의원 / Sanguiwon / The Royal Tailor 1 hour 54 minutes ago