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Candy replied to the topic '[Re: [NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various'.' in the forum. 44 minutes ago

Based on this article, it seems like it is almost a firm deal that PSH will be acting on that new drama right aftrr Six Flying dragons.


Narjess Ben Salem replied to the topic 'Graduation and 2016 Feb. 18 Park Shin Hye 박신혜 Birthday' in the forum. 3 hours 54 minutes ago

Hellooo my friends waaaah i missed alot here :dry:
OMG the gifts are so cute :woohoo:
You did well guys :) waiting for the figurine hehehehehe
Happy Birthday to our dear Shin Hye and Chukahae :-V


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Angie replied to the topic '[Re: [NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various'.' in the forum. 6 hours 24 minutes ago

source: movie news guide
FEB 8, 2016
By Hannah Marfil



Getting a bachelor’s degree may seem normal for young people and students across the world, however, this educational feat may be a challenge for someone in the entertainment industry. Although there are celebrities who still try to balance work and attending school, such as a famous Korean actress who recently graduated from the university.

The actress who partnered with famous Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jong Suk in various Korean drama series has finally earned her bachelor’s degree in theater. Park Shin Hye is set to receive her diploma on Tuesday, Feb. 15 from the Chung Ang University, KDrama Stars reported. However, her busy schedule and prior overseas appointment may prevent her from attending the graduation ceremony, as shared by a representative from her entertainment agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment.

Park is one of the Korean celebrities who continued with their studies while pursuing her career as an actress. Normally, it would take a student four years to complete the theater degree. However, the actress spent a total of eight years to finish her studies. Continuing her education was a move that the Hallyu actress wanted to make despite her hectic schedule. She said in a previous interview with No Cut News that she wanted to be “normal” and to go to school like any other student, according to the same report. “It’s fun. I can work on shows, meet new people and ride the subway. I wanted to feel that freedom since I was young,” she stated.

She also attributed her initial decision to continue her studies to her Dream Factory Manager Lee Sung Hwan. Park shared an advice that Lee told her have another focus in life, aside from showbiz. She also explained that finishing school was something that her parents wanted for her as well. “They wouldn’t have forced me but thanks to them I have friends in high school and university,” she added.

Meanwhile, Park has been busy completing endorsement agreements such as the new model for the casual clothing line Roem for the brand’s 2016 spring-summer collection. She was also identified as the new face of Alton Sports, for the bicycle company’s new campaign. The actress is also said to be considering a role for a new drama with the working title “Female Gangster Hyejung,” Soompi reported.

The upcoming drama will feature a story about a woman who had a rough experience growing up, but decided to become a doctor to help turn her life around. The drama is set to air in SBS and will mark Park’s return to the small screen after series “Pinocchio.” S.A.L.T. Entertainment has yet to confirm the actress’ participation in the drama project.

“Female Gangster Hyejung” is expected to air in summer 2016, after “Six Flying Dragons” ends its 50- episode run.

Photo Source: Facebook/Park Shin Hye


Jenzzy thanked Angie in topic Ok Taecyeon 6 hours 47 minutes ago
Angie replied to the topic 'Ok Taecyeon' in the forum. 6 hours 54 minutes ago

Look like Taec went skiing recently. Here are some pics of people's IG account. I wonder if he went alone or with friends.
BTW wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!
Cr: 2pmalways & owners







Angie thanked pam samia in topic Ok Taecyeon 6 hours 58 minutes ago
Angie thanked pam samia in topic Ok Taecyeon 6 hours 58 minutes ago
Angie thanked pam samia in topic Ok Taecyeon 6 hours 58 minutes ago
Angie thanked pam samia in topic Ok Taecyeon 6 hours 59 minutes ago
Angie thanked pam samia in topic Ok Taecyeon 6 hours 59 minutes ago

watching Pinocchio at the moment , totally loving unnie's acting and role.