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jennifer gerasta replied to the topic '2016 Doctors ( '닥터스' ) SBS' in the forum. 26 minutes ago












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jennifer gerasta replied to the topic '2016 Doctors ( '닥터스' ) SBS' in the forum. 1 hour 7 minutes ago

"Doctors" ends in first place, "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" comes in last

"Doctors" ended in first place.

According to Nielsen Korea, SBS drama "Doctors" rated 20.2% on the 23rd.
This is 0.7% more than the previous episode and the drama ended in first place.
Meanwhile, "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" rated 8.5%. It increased by 0.2% but couldn't avoid last place.
MBC drama "Monster - 2016" increased by 0.8% to 9.7% and came in second.
Source :


Good morning every one

jennifer gerasta replied to the topic '2016 Doctors ( '닥터스' ) SBS' in the forum. 1 hour 40 minutes ago

#ParkShinHye #YoonKyunSang will attend the #Doctors trip #KimRaeWon
still undecided yet.


[OSEN = JYP reporter] SBS drama actors and staff of the 'Doctors' 1 Night 2 Days their going for HOLIDAY VACATION.

According to the broadcasters and the staff 'Doctors' starring actors will go to Gapyeong for the Holiday awards for 2 days and 1 night MT coming to celebrate the successful completion of the drama.

MT The two main actors are of course will going and also the writer, staff but Kim Rae-won is whether or not to attend because of schedule was being held in advance is still undecided, and Park Shin Hye Yoon Kyun-sang will attend.The lfinal episodes already ceased 'Doctors' doctors seonhubae has been yuhyejeong (Park Shin Hye minutes) in the priest span and hongjihong drama romance and dealing with the growth story (Kim Rae-won minutes), has get more than 20% viewership.


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jennifer gerasta replied to the topic '2016 Doctors ( '닥터스' ) SBS' in the forum. 2 hours 7 minutes ago

'Doctors' Park Shin Hye's "ten days" are scheduled to continue next film ready.


Actress Park Shin Hye / photo journalist gimchanghyeon =
Actress Park Shin Hye will end the drama 'Doctors' and went on his next preparation.
According to the agency, AM Entertainment Salt Park Shin Hye is due 24 days to digest a certain drama which was postponed after shooting jongyoung wolhwa drama SBS 'Doctors'.
Park Shin Hye is again ready to rush to the next piece. Park Shin Hye chose the movie "Silent Witness" in his next film. 'Silent Witness' is a legal thriller that happens to work tycoon fiance killed a remake of the Chinese film of the same name as the daughter of a tycoon and pointed to the culprit.

Actress Park Shin Hye / Photo = SBS provides
In this work, Park Shin Hye has appeared as a defense lawyer in charge of the conglomerate daughter. Choi Min-sik, ryujunyeol, Park Shin Hye take the lead lawyer in the Justice of adultery case of the 'movie.
Holiday vacation for 'Doctors' teams awards ahead of his next film preparation is also expected to attend and SALT official fix her schedule so that  she can attend the Doctors team vacation.explained that "if possible will attend to reschedule. Filming atmosphere is really good and will participate even more memorable."
Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye will take a growing role as a doctor in a rebel yuhyejeong in the 'Doctors' received a lot of love.

CR. …


jennifer gerasta replied to the topic '2016 Doctors ( '닥터스' ) SBS' in the forum. 3 hours 47 minutes ago

"Doctors" Park Shin-hye, "It hurts to let it go"


Actress Park Shin-hye doesn't want the drama to end.

She posted a picture on her Instagram and said, "Hye-jeong grew up and so did I. The last four months have been so amazing and precious. It hurts to let it go. I would like to show you how painful it is. The final episode of "Doctors"".

She's posing in the picture with Kim Rae-won. They look outstandingly handsome and beautiful.

Meanwhile, "Doctors" ended on August 23rd.

Source :



jennifer gerasta replied to the topic '2016 Doctors ( '닥터스' ) SBS' in the forum. 3 hours 51 minutes ago

"Doctors" Last time audience share of 20% more than in the last hurray!


[South Korea Entertainment News] "Doctors" They were singing the praises of a 20% audience share in the last round, decorated the last hurray. 24 days, according to Nielsen Korea of audience research company, is SBS Monday and Tuesday drama "Doctors" 20 episodes that have been broadcast in 23 days was recorded viewing rate of 20.2% (the national standard).The day before, but the 18 episodes and 19 episodes that have been continuously broadcasting sluggish not exceed 20%, again more than 20% of the wall in the final times, put an end in overwhelming Monday and Tuesday drama first place. In addition, MBC drama "Monster" in the same time zone is further full-scale revenge of Kang Ji Hwan, increased the tension. To maintain a fixed viewing layers, it kept the second place spot in 9.7%. The "moonlight drew clouds" Episode 2 KBS 2TV, which got off to a start in a week away in the era drama competition, to maintain 8.5% and 8% level that small margin was increased from 1 episode 8.3%, Monday and Tuesday of terrestrial three stations It was a 3 out of drama. Photo: SBS Korea Entertainment comprehensive information site KOARI



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I agree with you juwie1608, kudos to park shin hye & krw an enjoyable kdrama all the way.
I will be missing my idol psh, hope too see her soon with another project. Thank you to all.


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The NGs for all episodes went out all of the sudden after the drama ended. But Shin Hye and Sung Kyung dancing to Twice's 'Cheer Up" while fixing a scene at ep 19 is the best! - feeling happy

드라마 ‘닥터스’ 흐믓하게 만드는 ‘NG 비하인드 영상’ 《The Doctors》...

The Doctors 닥터스 EP19 20160822 SBS 드라마 ‘닥터스’ - 흐믓하게 만드는 ‘NG 비하인드 영상’ SBS human medical drama 'The Doctors' is the story about two doctors who overcome struggl...

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I'm going to marry a neurosurgeon if all neurosurgeons make out like that.
I am so in the KIM RAE WON boat right now. Set sail! DREAMBOAT ALERT~

Grafe Rose replied to the topic '[Re: [NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various'.' in the forum. 16 hours 32 minutes ago

Ranks Among Celebrities For Most Extensive Social Circle


1. G-Dragon
2. Park Shin Hye
3. Song Ji Hyo
4. CL

G-Dragon has been listed as No. 1 among Korean celebrities for having the most extensive social circle on tvN’s “The List” which ranked celebrities in order of most celebrity contacts.

The show named Suzy, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and CL, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie as a few examples of G-Dragon’s extensive list of female friends. As well as connections with A-list actresses like Kim Hee Sun. Through fashion pictorials, G-Dragon also has connections with Jap model Nana Komatsu, Chinese star Angelababy, Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin, and Will Smith.

Park Shin Hye followed at No. 2 on the list. Through her dramas, her social circle includes Hallyu actors Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, and Kim Woo Bin, as well as CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki. Park Shin Hye also shares connections to Kim Soo Hyun and Kang Ha Neul as they are all alumni of the acting department at the same university. To top it all off, she has formed unexpected friendships with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, and BEAST’s Yong Junhyung.

Ranked No. 3 on the list was actress Song Ji Hyo, who shares close friendships with her “Running Man” castmates. She is also close to Hallyu stars Song Joong Ki and Jo In Sung and recently formed a connection to Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin through the Chinese version of “We Got Married.”

2NE1’s CL was ranked No. 4 on the list with her close friendships with the BIGBANG members as well as YG Entertainment actor Kang Dong Won. She also has connections to fashion designer Jeremy Scott,, and Snoop Dogg.



a/n: The list on Shin Hye's social circle are mostly of male friends. I'm not even surprised. Definitely a Rose among the Thorns. HAHA


Grafe Rose replied to the topic '[Re: [NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various'.' in the forum. 17 hours 3 minutes ago

Now that Shin Hye's drama has finally come to its curtain call--- I'm so glad for the news of an upcoming movie! Is it really confirmed unnie?! Because teaming up with super angst/awesome actor such as Choi Min Sik is such a great opportunity!

Although, is it just me or HYUNG never really did release any update of its screening?! Is it a surprise screening event or something~ should I be preparing to be surprised when its finally released? :superkiss: I'm sooo looking forward to that!