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Jennifer Discussion started by Jennifer 13 years ago

Two of the biggest entertainment empires from China and Korea – Huayi Brothers and IHQ – have recently announced a collaboration effort in TV drama production.

“This co-production won’t just be Korean actors filming in China, but really tell the story between Koreans and Chinese. We will film in both countries, and complete post-production in Korea,” said Hao Lin, head of Hao Lin Studios of Huayi Brothers.

Two series are currently in production – spy series “Kung Fu” and modern love story “Autumn Rhapsody.” From the Korean side, “Kong Fu” will star Rain (IHQ), Lee Dahae(IHQ) and Jang Keunsuk (Huayi) and will tell the tale of a Korean-Chinese spy war against Japanese imperialism during WWII. The series is co-produced by the Hao Lin Studios and the Korean Studio that brought you “Iris.”

“Autumn Rhapsody” is a modern love story of two couples, one in Korea and one in China. The Korean couple will be Kim Taehee (IHQ) and Song Seungheon (IHQ). No Chinese actors have been announced yet, though Huayi Brothers CEO said “We will choose the best artists to join the cast. Huayi has a lot of acting resources, and we’ll find the right artists to join the filming. That doesn’t exclude big names like Li Bingbing (Huayi) and Deng Chao (Huayi) as long as the roles are right.”

In recent years, Huayi has been increasingly collaborating with foreign companies, including “Hot Summer Days” with Fox and “High School Musical” with Disney this year. Last year, Huayi and Shanghai Media Group also collaborated with Korea to remake the comedy “Nonstop.” IHQ, too, has been eyeing outside Korea with projects such as film “Blood Vampire” starring Jun Ji-yun.

Source: Cfensi