Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa confirmed to be costars again

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It's confirmed!!! Actress Park Shin Hye and CNBlue's Jung Yonghwa will be costars again in MBC's summer drama "Festival"!

The drama will be taking place at an arts college which focuses on dancing, singing, acting, and literature, and is classified as a ‘mellow campus drama’, detailing the lives of college students.

Park Shin Hye will be playing the role of ‘Lee Kyu Won’, a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family, and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum*(see photo below) Her beauty and cuteness will capture the hearts of many.

Jung Yonghwa will be playing the role of the cold, yet handsome band vocalist named ‘Lee Shin’, who’s known to carry a strong passion for music.

The duo starred in SBS's hit drama "You're Beautiful" (2009) together but they did not end up being a couple in the drama. In "Festival", they will play a sweet, young couple who strive towards their dreams in music.

“Festival” is already gaining much anticipation from the drama industry because of PD Pyo Min Soo’s involvement. Pyo is most famous for his work with “Full House” and “The World They Live In.”

The much anticipated drama will air its pilot episode on June 22 2011.

Are you psyched? ;)
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