mobina Discussion started by mobina 10 years ago
Anyone who does go over this topic since we want to keep himself criticizes.
Bad things that he himself liked to tell if the core and try to find a solution.
Because each person is his own best adviser and Help
We're grown men, either physically or mentally, and intellectual growth that our life continues.
What is better to choose the right path.
Whenever you criticize and honestly admit you've done good and bad, then the criticism people as you can.
Note: honestly ... is not compulsory.
You do not like to write there's no problem, but if you like write the truth and Programming.

I'll start with myself.I'm a little selfish, neurotic and I'm lazy., But I'm not upset because I'm trying to discipline myself to leave the bad things. I forgot to say that I am too hasty.

Now it's your turn, tell us about yourself!!!!!