CHERRYLYN ALVIOR and 179 others have joined the group ANJELL 10 years ago

Anjell forever ~ XD

bhabii hongki i love you))

they're so good and i love them!

Hoping for a second season, kyae!

great anjell ^_^ love them..


I love you,A N JELL
i want to see a n jell

i love anjell

♥♥love u ANjell♥♥

LOVE you

jeremy : "jolieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

yow mga kababayan...

nice 1

i like ittt,,,,, muach!

..annyong haseyo..


i really love them very much !!!
thank's for creating this group !!

thanks I have received I am very happy here

thanks for creating this group.....I REALLY REALLY LOVE A.N.JELL.....

@varo....yeah you're right!!!..i wish there is another part two of You're beautiful!!!!!......let us join hands together to raise and let the directors of Y.B to have another part two!!!!!..PLEASE!!!!!!!^_^

without words by psh is very good...