ayufitriana and 83 others have joined the group KPOP & K-DRAMAS 10 years ago

hi every body

siwon acting was daebak

i love korea and kpop

I want to go to KOREA..

I'm always watching korean dramas coz im addict.. and sometimes im listening to the KPOP musics... and i really really love it and all of the korean actress and actors... LOVE THEM...

aicha me too i love korean drama & its actors nd actresses 12 years ago

.. ilOvE ThiS GrOuP ,,

I like this group....K-POP the Best...^_^

aq feel empty if one day just do not see them, korea drama made ​​me mad...^_^

K-Pop , Korean Drama are the best ^_^

i really really enjoy korean pop&drama..

I loVE all koRean dramas and ofcourse their pop and rock musicssssss

im going crazy when im not watching korea drama.. XD

I like Korean pop music so much
and Korean drama is the best

korean drama is the beautiful and best

korean drama is the best

i like korean drama so much!!

hello2 there....