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Annyeong!I am new here

Hope you become friends with me

Eline I too want to be friend with you 10 years ago

I'm so happy I'm new : ))

Hi everybody I'm new to this group I'm a big fan of park shin hye : )

Eline i am new in here too 10 years ago
nethra me too... 10 years ago

I am new in here too

Hi everyone
i love park shin hye more

New Member!!
I love Park Shin Hye and Choi Daniel

hi! Everyone. I'm a fresh college graduate. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education - Major in English. Is there anyone here who is looking for a tutor especially in English language? Just send me a message. thank you.

hi new member ...

Eline me too 10 years ago

I'm Doha Mhmd from Egypt

oh... I didnt c this story either..... I'll watch it sooooooooooooon!!!

I Love Park shin hye's acting!!

ellow guys

i never see this story...

but me is want to see it

i never see this story...and now i want to wacth...(o_0)

I've watched the movie but can't really understand it because the sub was horrible. >.<

But basically I understood the main plot of it. It's really cool.

Now. I have to find a better sub for this.

PLEASE TO ALL THE FANS OF YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE ME,..let us join hands together to raise and let the directors of Y.B to have another part two!!!!!..PLEASE!!!!!!!^_^

When did this movie show in Malaysia?

September... what date ... I have to watch that movie....
thank's Sunny....

@ridho adbdullah : It will come out in September

pjot.. please tell me when the fil came out........!!!
thanks a lot...