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Lovely couple ❤️


its my first time

hi i am new member.

cause they have chemistry, they're playful together n they are just REAL Love them vote shin hye

they are compatible and have chemistry,,iluv there tandem,,,very nice,,,luv it

★ YongShin is REAL ★

I wish yong hwa would change his mind about The Heirs. (

so,,cute and sweet.....I LOVE YOUR MOVIE.. )

im g0ing t0 wait t0 their new drama. . its s0on. . .

Their so cute and they were beautiful to look at as a couple.. `saranghaeyo yongshin couple.. i hope many korean dramas to come .

hi i 've joined this group coz i love yongshin couple they look good with each other

Hi I m new here My name is samaya Thay r My favrt....

hi i'm new here ) hello to all dooliers!!

what are lesson for today ??????? joke......hello everybody


hi!!!!!! new members ^_^.

hi... new member po

I just love how comfortable they are to each other. They got this awesome chemistry and well, I wish they would end up as a real couple..and they look good together so I like them that way.

Because there is something in there relationship. I watched You Are Beautiful & Heartstrings and in those dramas there is really a chemistry between them.. The "STARES". They way Yong Hwa stares at her & the way Shin Hye stares at him. They might not talking vocally but their eyes expresses it. I watched Shin Hye's dramas, CF's, or other videos with other leading man. It is just amazing that whoever she is partnered with (in CF's, MV's, Dramas), they are just soooo good to each other. But the...

we cant explain their relation with words but after that, they are know perfectly to each other, this is not i m saying but they said it own, and i noticed that they have more similar things.. and in my opinion every this kind of relation is perfect for any couple, so i just love the...

I love them because they look so good together and this kind of Yongseo thingy really pisses me off easilly all because of WGM. Yonghwa's heart is only for Shinhye♡ 생일 축하합니다 ~

I m happy for them, if they are friends thats relief to me, b/c couple also break u but friends always remain..
thats why i m happy for their relation...

Someone tell me at twitter ,Shin hye and yong hwa just a good friend , because yong hwa already like another girl. I very sad ,it's true?

hopefully the couple will have a new drama series in 2013