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sis Hacci i can understand the fear..haha i was hating the other twin( the ghost to be exact) because i dont know it was Shin Hye :angry1 but after they show her face.. i am not that scared anymore :shy:

~sis Mandy young and talented..and her face hasn't changed at all :superkiss:

Hello newbie here :-V just wanna share Shin Hye's picture as the evil twin..for those who haven't watch this movie, seriously what are u waiting for.. i love shin hye to death, but in this movie she really freaked me out.. i know the movie is kinda old (2007), and the reason i took so long to actually watch this movie because i HATE horror movie.. but since Shin Hye unnie is in it.. :touched i literally dragged my whole family to watch it with me.. and also because i wanna see Shin hye in hanbok, before her new period drama.

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i actually knew this early this morning.. and now i cant stand or sit still, the place she's staying/visiting was actually only few minute from my house :imdead: to think that im breathing the same air with Shin Hye now :touched but unfortunately I dont know her next destiny, then maybe I can watch her innocently hahaha :ding: :throw:

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