.worst part of being a teenager is that people would think that every guys you're with is your....

boyfriend. !

{actor} .gakaulit ko xa imuha'g dula Thirsty Parrot..

But why keep on playing japun. Gggrrr!

.if toro ko, toro pud ka.. Then we're not compatible!

Magsige ta'g away...


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snowhninpyae and {target} are now friends 12 years ago

{actor} .thanks Mr. R.G sa dinner at Dear Manok.. ))

With Hannah Grace Gadrinab Guillermo, GlAdys ShAng Aguaviva and Purya Gaba.

{actor} .sOoo cold!.

First day xa skul, nagclaz and seat work daun. Hahai.....:'(

.hello everyone! ^_^

.i miss shin hye! Can't wait watching her other koreanovela..:"(

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{actor} .im still waiting for the new show or korean series/dramas of my very idol.
.i really want to visit korea and hope to see my idol..^-^

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