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Hi everyone. Does anybody here who understands Korean language can help to translate JKS's message to our dear Shinhye? Since this vid is much clearer than the first one.. Thank you so much! Missing this site. :luvluv:

irene_xxvi wrote:

JGS's message to PSH. ;)


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Hello. This is the very recent similarity of our couple right? They were seen wearing the very same ring at the very same finger in the same day too bcs JKS wears it often these days !
PSH during Shanghai Fan Meeting.
JKS during his departure from Niigata Japan (as I remember) to Korea.


Observe the curve of their couple ring. It's possibly the same ! I hope to find a better quality picture of Suk. What do you think? :luvluv: :luvluv: :ding: