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Sorry to hear this. Deepest condolences to her family.


I'm not too happy how Memories turned out for Shin Hye. She's like a supporting person here . She was just used for her commercial value like Mamonde, Swarovski and etc. Her airtime last night was a bit more than 5 minutes . So disappointing! I'm too old to beat around the bush . In Doctors you know immediately she's the lead like all her other drama which gave her equal billing and airtime. I wish in her next drama she will not be used as such!


I look forward to my weekends because of Memories of Alhambra but I feel that Shin Hye is very much like a supporting person here. It's all about Hyun Bin. They only used her for her commercial value which is shown all throughout the drama like Mamonde,, Swarovski and etc. Like last night , I think her airtime is about 5 minutes only. Remember Doctors, you know from the start shes the lead .

Nicely said. Hated the fact that Shin Hye has short part in the first two episodes and I'm hoping this is because everything is being introduced to us but if this continue they will lose me no matter how great the writer is. I'm hoping for more interaction with the two leads in their next two episode because I will hate the fact that Shin Hye waited for this and it will not work out for her.


Friends, if you have Netflix watch this new drama of Shin hye there. I didn't want it to end plus it's with English sub already.

This was filmed like a movie in hi def. I hope this is throughout the drama. The main actor has more part in ep. 1 here since they are explaining what the drama is all about.

I am excited to see the ep. 2 tonight since I've never seen this type of special effects done in any drama. No wonder it was so quiet while filming maybe because they don't want it known.

I've recently been to Spain and the cinematography in Memories of Alhambra is just magnificent in the beginning of the drama.

Let's support Shin Hye!