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TOPIC: Paypal Tutorial

Paypal Tutorial 11 years 6 months ago #31454

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Some staffs and members have asked me how to buy products online. Though you can use your credit card if you already have one , this tutorial is for the users who wants to use the safer method for online shopping. The requirement is : you need to have a credit card ( if not , please go to your bank to register a Visa or Mastercard first )

This tutorial is from Paypal website and Ebay, I just changed some pics and update some info which is outdated. This is a schematic user manual, a step-by-step reproduction of the PayPal sign-up process.

I. Getting started

1. What is paypal ?
PayPal is the world’s most-loved way to pay and get paid

2. How does paypal work ?
It's simple, really. When you shop online, choose PayPal when paying for your items. You'll be asked to log into your PayPal account using your email address and password. Click to confirm your payment and then you're done.

By the way, you can also use your PayPal account to send money and get paid online.

3. Is paypal secure ?
Your financial security is our highest priority. You're protected from any unauthorized payment made from your PayPal account.

4. Can I use PayPal and still collect credit card reward points?
Absolutely. In fact, we offer the PayPal Extras MasterCard® which features its own valuable rewards program. Once approved – which takes about 30 seconds – your card will be automatically linked to your PayPal account. Plus, you'll enjoy these great benefits:

* Earn up to 3X Reward Points for every $1 spent, including 2X Reward Points on PayPal and eBay transactions
* Redeem reward points for cash back as a credit into your PayPal account, gift cards, merchandise, and travel
* Enjoy Platinum MasterCard benefits everywhere MasterCard is accepted – online and offline
* Zero fraud liability for purchases
* Learn more

If you'd prefer to use an existing rewards card, just link that credit card to your PayPal account. You can do it either when you sign up or by updating your account profile (just log into your PayPal account and click on Profile at the top of the page).

Once either rewards card is linked to your PayPal account, select your credit card as your method of payment when you check out using PayPal and you'll rack up the rewards!

5. Can I use PayPal without money in my PayPal account?
Yes, you can. To pay for things or to send money, simply link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account. You can do this when you sign up for an account, or by updating your PayPal account profile. To view and edit your profile, log in to your PayPal account and click on Profile at the top of the page.

This does not apply to Student Accounts. If you have a Student Account, you must have money in your account to use it.

6. How do I use my bank account, credit card, or debit card with PayPal?

It's easy. When you make a payment or send money, PayPal uses your PayPal balance first to cover the payment. If your PayPal balance doesn't cover the transaction, the bank account, credit card, or debit card you linked to your PayPal account will be used for the payment.

II. Sign-up process

To begin to send and receive online payments the fast, easy and safe way, you will need to sign up for a PayPal Account.

To begin this two step process - go to www.paypal.com and click Sign Up.


Step 1
Select the type of account you want. Unless you are a business, opt to set up a Personal account and click Continue.


A. Next complete your personal details. Also provide a telephone number. This is important if PayPal need to contact you with a question relating to your PayPal account.


B. Next provide a valid email address and password and complete the security questions. It is important as this is the email address you will use to send and receive payments. Please try to make your password unique and if possible don't use the same password on PayPal as you do on other internet sites.

C. At this stage you will be asked if you want to upgrade your account to a Premier Account. If you are a seller on eBay or intend to start selling, a Premier account will allow you to start receiving credit and debit card payments for your eBay sales for a small fee. If you only intend to use your PayPal account to pay for items, you can always upgrade your account at a later stage.

D. Next you need to read and agree to PayPal's user agreement and complete the security section of the registration form by simply copying the letters and numbers in the yellow box. PayPal will then provide you with details on how to confirm your email address in order to complete registration.
Step 2
To confirm your registration, PayPal will send an email to the email address you provided in Step 1 with the subject line: Activate your PayPal Account. Click the link in the email and you will be taken automatically to a page that prompts you to enter your PayPal password to confirm that you are the owner of the email.



Once your email address is confirmed, your PayPal account is open and you're ready to start sending and receiving online payments with PayPal. Remember, in order to start paying for items using your PayPal account you need to register debit card or credit card details as a means of funding your transactions.

Verifying your PayPal Account
In order to safeguard the security of everyone using the PayPal system all new PayPal account holders have a spending limit of up to £500. If you are a seller and want to receive payments into your PayPal account, there is no limit to what you can receive in your PayPal balance. However, there is a withdrawal limit of £500 per month for a period of 3 months.

Once you reach these limits, you will be prompted by PayPal to verify your account. Once this has been completed, your spending limits will be lifted, as long as you have the funds available from your chosen payment method ie. Debit card, credit card or PayPal account balance. An increase in withdrawal limits may be subject to further checks by PayPal.

III. How to Verify your Account
What is Verification?

The Verification process is PayPal's way of safeguarding the security of everyone who uses its services. It is a secure and easy way of ensuring that you are indeed the owner of your bank account.

To gain verified status you need to complete a couple of simple steps. First, add your bank account details to your PayPal account and complete the Direct Debit mandate, and finally validate your account information.

Some users may have to go through further checks based on factors such as account type and how payments are being funded, but PayPal will prompt you when these steps are required.
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Re: Paypal Tutorial 11 years 6 months ago #31458

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III. How to pay with paypal
Once you have your paypal account verified , go to our store at : www.cafepress.com/hacci

Click on a product link to view info :


You can adjust the color, size and quantities of product.


When you finish, click "Add to cart"

You can add more products by clicking on "Keep shopping" . If you don't want to add any more, click the Yellow button "Checkout with Paypal"


You will be redirected to paypal, enter your information to login


Paypal will ask you to enter and review your information, then click Continue to confirm . Please continue to read more instructions . When you finish the payment process, you will be informed your order information and how to track your order.

If you have anymore question, don't hesitate to ask us. Thank you and please continue to support our charity projects by buying from our stores.
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