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[NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various 1 month 2 weeks ago #157140

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Home Korean Wave 8 most popular Korean celebrities in the Philippines
The Korean Wave is slowly taking over the world and the Philippines


1. Gong Yoo
3. Nancy
4. #ParkShinhye
5. Ryan Bang
6. Sandara Park
8. Song Joongki

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[NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various 1 month 1 week ago #157143

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#ParkShinHye - 16 years of from a pure little girl to top Hallyu star


SOS(story of star)- Stories we have never known about the beginnings of the stars, and their own behind-the-scenes stories.


Actress Park Shin Hye (28 years old) has been different since her childhood. Right from a young age, she has stepped into the entertainment industry thanks to her natural beauty. Her childhood dream was originally to become a police officer, but singer Lee Seung Hwan happened to have the photo of young Park Shin Hye through an acquaintance so she got to appear in his MV. That is the "Flower" MV released in 2013. Owing to this MV which fully expressed the youthful charm of teenagers, viewers naturally became interested in Park Shin Hye.


That same year, through the child role of the character played by Choi Ji Woo in the drama "Stairway to Heaven", she officially walked on the path of an actress. After that, Park Shin Hye turned into a Hallyu star thanks to the drama "You're Beautiful". After becoming a representative Hallyu star of the youths in their 20s, the actress has possessed a huge fandom until now. She has also expanded the scale of her activities into the movie industry and is accumulating a record of her own artistic achievements. Currently, Park Shin Hye is publicly dating actor Choi Tae Joon. With her life and career, she indeed has nothing to envy other people.

▶ Filial girl Park Shin Hye, "My childhood dream was to be a police officer"


Since she was a child, Park Shin Hye has been proud of her bright and clear eyes. The actress impressed with her big black eyes, cherry red lips and lovely nose. The image of Park Shin Hye climbing up the slide with bare feet and smiling brightly made people automatically feel happy. The little girl with that signature bright look has had special filial piety since childhood. She said that when she was young, she wanted to be a police officer. The reason was that her house had been once infiltrated by a thief. Experiencing such unrighteousness at a young age, Park Shin Hye wanted to become a police officer who protected justice and guarded her family. Park Shin Hye's filial piety is also widely known among artists. She used the money she had diligently earned for 10 years to give her parents a goat entrails restaurant as a present. Not only does she stop at the material gifts but the actress also regularly goes to the parents' restaurant to help them whenever there is no schedule.

▶ First steps in the acting career of Park Shin Hye - a girl with a cute chubby face


Right within her debut year, Park Shin Hye was given the child role of the protagonist in a drama. She successfully took on the child role of Han Jung Seo - the character played by Choi Ji Woo in the mega-hit "Stairway to Heaven" in 2003. Her plump round face along with smooth long hair at that time exuded both cuteness and beauty which was pure and innocent. Therefore, she quickly left a mark in the hearts of small-screen audiences. At that time, the freshness of a new face kept spreading to viewers. It was the image of a little girl who was only over 10 years old but managed to portray her role in a skillful and solid manner and did not yield to the fuss caused by actress Lee Hwi Hyang in the role of the stepmother. Thanks to the affection she received, her child role's airtime was lengthened to another episode. Starting with such a role, Park Shin Hye gradually accumulated her acting experiences through sitcoms. She, step by step, gained her position through two dramas, "Not Alone" and "Cute or Crazy".

▶ Earning a female lead role only three years after debut

Only three years after her debut, Park Shin Hye won the female lead in the drama "Tree of Heaven", the next work after the drama "Stairway To Heaven" - which gained great success in Japan thanks to the Hallyu wave. That achieving a leading role in a drama at the age of 17 alone was a breakthrough in the career of the actress. In this work, Park Shin Hye played the role of Ha Na, a Japanese teenage girl whose father is a Korean living in Japan and mother is an Japanese. She not only spoke Japanese fluently but also showed an excellent way of emotional acting between the two siblings. Although it is quite unfortunate because the movie did not make a big resonance, it is a step for Park Shin Hye to consolidate her status of a new-generation Hallyu star.

▶ The brilliant maturity ceremony through the drama "You're Beautiful"


Park Shin Hye's maturity ceremony was the drama "You're Beautiful" when she successfully promoted her potential strength. She took on the role of a lovely and handsome girl who posed as a boy. The sweet chemistry between her and Jang Geun Suk contributed to the success of the drama, helping the work become the focus of Hallyu fever. One year after the broadcasting, in 2010, a fan meeting of the drama "You're Beautiful" was held in Japan and thanks to the popularity of the drama, 4,000 thousand tickets were sold out within five minutes. Not only Japan but this work also made a big hit in both China and Asia region, while Park Shin Hye also became a top Hallyu star. In 2011, she also continued to spread the Hallyu wave when taking on the lead role in a Taiwanese drama "Hayate The Combat Butler" (FTV).

▶ Endures the weight of the crown and becomes the first Korean actress to successfully perform an Asia tour

In 2013, Park Shin Hye continued to consolidate her position as a Hallyu star through two dramas, "My Flower Neighbor Boy" and "The Heirs". Park Shin Hye and her co-star Lee Min Ho in the drama "The Heirs" became the starring couple getting a lot of attention. She was the first Korean actress to perform an Asia tour and became the Hallyu-trending Queen of Asia. In addition, she also became the first Korean model of Visa Card in 2014. This was the milestone that contributed to affirming Park Shin Hye's value and position. After that, she received the Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a Drama Special at the "2014 SBS Drama Awards" with the drama "Pinocchio". In 2016, she was honored to receive this award again thanks to the drama "Doctors".​

▶ Boosting favorable impression thanks to honest charm in variety shows

Park Shin Hye mostly meets with fans through her works. Even so, she showed everyone her bare face through the variety shows. She stood in front of the camera with a relaxed look that seemed to hide no secret. Her sincere and natural image drew closer to the audience in an attractive way. Park Shin Hye participated in "Three Meals" (tvN) broadcast in 2015 as the first guest. The program prepared from sesame flour and goat entrails to organic seasoning powder generously for all employees to eat. With a bright and courteous personality, Park Shin Hye perfectly handled everything from washing the dishes, beautifying to cooking. She also received the review as the best show host, not a guest. Three years later, in 2018, she returned to the entertainment world through "Little House In The Forest". The actress isolated herself in the mountains to find true happiness. She showed a comfortable appearance of a Park Shin Hye who was both self-reliant and nature-friendly.

▶ Not only an actress, she is a "singer" who released a single


Park Shin Hye once actively participated in performing OSTs for dramas. She sang the two OSTs "Lovely Day" and "Without Words" of the drama "You're Beautiful". Later, Park Shin Hye also engaged in the OSTs of other dramas such as "Heartstrings", "Flower Boys Next Door", "The Heirs", "Pinocchio", etc. Besides, the girl took a step forward and released a single. Park Shin Hye published the digital version of the digital single "Arm Pillow" in 2014, showcasing her own color. The lovely melody suitable for spring harmonized perfectly with Park Shin Hye's sweet voice. She indeed possesses a variety of talents.

▶ Even her donation journey is special - "A golden-hearted angel"

Park Shin Hye has also put many efforts into charity donation. In 2016, as soon as a fire broke out at Seomun Market, causing significant damages, Park Shin Hye donated 50 million won for Hope Bridge - Korea Disaster Relief Association when they were raising funds for the fire victims. She made the donation without letting her management company know. Not until the bill came out were they aware of this. Park Shin Hye is always willing to help whenever someone faces difficulty.

In 2014, the time when the Sewol ferry accident occurred, she donated 50 million won to aid the missing people. Recently, she continued to donate 50 million won to install 20 washing machines specialized for firefighters' protective clothing. In addition, Park Shin Hye made a donation for the children suffering from the Pohang earthquake. At the same time, she often participates in the activities to provide aid to domestic and international children after being appointed the honorary ambassador of Food for the Hungry in 2011. With sudden charity activities such as donating all of the profit generated from her Asia tour, it can be said that Park Shin Hye is an actress with a golden personality.

▶ "Nurtures beautiful love" with Choi Tae Joon ♥


Park Shin Hye revealed her first love affair to the public after 15 years of artistic activities. She confirmed the news of dating actor Choi Tae Joon in March 2018. They used to be in the 1-year senior-junior relationship at the Theater Department of Chungang University. The couple nourished their feelings through dates at Park Shin Hye's private apartment in Cheongdam ward or with friends in the neighborhood. It can be seen that the two are in a good relationship when the image of the two being together at Park Shin Hye's parents have captured. When the dating news came out after the image of the couple meeting at a foreign tourist destination was taken in 2017, Park Shin Hye's side rejected the rumor of dating, saying, "They just happened to meet at that tourist destination." When dating news raised again in 2018, they said, "Both became Lover in late 2017.

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[NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various 1 month 1 day ago #157163

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#10YearChallenge: The Trend That Didn’t Take Korea By Storm, But Here It Is


The #10YearChallenge, or — the more apt version for us age-at-a-normal-rate folk — “How hard has aging hit you challenge,” is running rampant through the interwebs, with friends and celebrities alike sharing then-and-now photos of their transformation, or lack thereof, from 2009 to 2019.

Korean celebrities have, for the most part, pointedly ignored this trend — why, we cannot fathom — so here you go, you ageless

Exclusively from our favorite dramas of 2009 and some that we truly did not know existed, here are 16 celebrities, then and now:

Yoon Shi Yoon
“High Kick Through the Roof” (2009)

Go Hyun Jung
“The Great Queen Seon Deok” (2009) Right: “My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2“

Yoo Seung Ho
“The Great Queen Seon Deok” (2009) Right: “My Strange Hero”

Lee Seung Gi
“Shining Inheritance” (2009)

Han Hyo Joo
“Shining Inheritance” (2009)

Jung Il Woo
“The Return of Iljimae” (2009) Right: “Haechi”

Park Shin Hye
“You’re Beautiful” (2009) Right: “Memories of the Alhambra”

Hyun Bin
“Friend, Our Legend” (2009) Right: “Memories of the Alhambra”

“You’re Beautiful” (2009) Right: “My Only One“

Park Hae Jin
“Hot Blood” (2019)

Lee Dong Wook
“The Partner” (2009) Right: “Touch Your Heart“

Lee Byung Hun
“Iris” (2009) Right: “Mr. Sunshine”

Jung Joon Ho
“Iris” (2009) Right: “SKY Castle”

Kim Seo Hyung
“Temptation of Wife” (2009) Right: “SKY Castle”

Lee Min Jung
“Smile, You” (2009) Right: “Fates and Furies“

“You Are My Destiny” (2009)

© ( www.soompi.com/article/1293507wpp/10year...e-korea-storm-anyway )
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[NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various 3 weeks 4 days ago #157175

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#ParkShinHye Names Drama That Is Closest To Her Heart, Talks About Being An Actress In Her 30s, And More


Jan 23, 2019
Park Shin Hye shared her thoughts on concluding her recent drama “Memories of the Alhambra,” her favorite role, and becoming an actress in her 30s.
The actress guested on the January 22 episode of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment” for an interview.
When asked her thoughts on concluding “Memories of the Alhambra,” Park Shin Hye remarked, “Spending seven months and working hard with the staff members and actors, it’s a bit sad but it was also very refreshing.”
The host complimented her on her continuously evolving beauty. Park Shin Hye responded by saying, “As I slowly shed my young looks, many people have been saying to me, ‘You’re getting more mature,’ and ‘You’re like a woman.’ I think it’s because they’ve seen me ever since I was really young.”
She was also asked if there was a physical part of herself that she didn’t like. She honestly replied, “There’s no one who doesn’t have something about them that they don’t like. My nose isn’t very high,” but added that she liked her eyes.
The host then asked her if among her many roles, she had one that she is particularly attached to. Park Shin Hye chose, “I had a lot of fun filming as Cha Eun Sang in ‘Heirs.’ There wasn’t a lot of age difference between me and the guys, so I made a lot of great memories.”
On becoming an actress in her 30s (in Korean reckoning), Park Shin Hye shared, “When I was a teenager, because I was in my teens, there were a lot of things I had to restrain myself from doing. In my 20s, I was afraid so I didn’t get to challenge myself much. But now, I think that it wasn’t much to be scared of. I want to try lots of different genres and a diverse range of characters. I think it’s my job to continuously show a different side of myself.”
Source (1)

Cr: ( www.soompi.com/article/1296849wpp/park-s...rt-talks-actress-30s )
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[NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various 3 weeks 4 days ago #157178

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#Repost @salt_ent IG Update #Parkshinhye
#박신혜 #Parkshinhye #朴信惠
소방관들을 위한 방화복 세탁기 기부에 이어
소방관분들의 '생명의 무게'를 담은 영상 재능 기부까지!
훈훈한 선행 행보를 선보이고 있는 신혜 배우☺

[ 영상 전체 보기:

#소방관 #방화복세탁기 #기부 #생명의무게 #영상 #출연 #목소리 #재능기부까지 #얼굴도 #마음도 #예쁜 #신혜배우 #훈훈하다 #훈훈해 #♥ #salt_ent

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[NEWS STORIES] About PARK SHIN HYE - Various 2 weeks 5 days ago #157187

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#DanielPrayerPromotionalVideo #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ 다니엘기도회 홍보영상 2019



Cr:Via DanielPrayer>t.co/ALCYPPzsbg
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