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Park Shin Hye forever... I idolized this girl

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yongwonhi Park Shin Hye
saranghae ShinHye eoni ^_^

you're beautiful of cousre. GuenShin forever! ^__^

I think i like her movie heartstrings because it is so very lovingly and amazing=)

i like YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTSTRINGS because park shin hye is very nice in her drama she can portrays her role well..


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... hi everyone..hope to get to know with you all..i'm new here... can i have friendship start with anyone here..????....i'm funny and sweet friend.. anneonghaseyo..!!! ..i know few korean words,but still learning it... ..and most of all, i'm a fan of park shin her soooo much...!!! ^v^

Park Shin Hye's fans forever!!!!!!!!

..she's best for everything..!!! she knows how to deliver her character so perfectly..she's charming and can easily cope up with different emotions needed in her acting..that's why everyone love her.. like us.. ^v^

pls. vote for shin hye here just click her thumbnail pic then click on the blue button then ok. let's put her to no.1! you may vote several times!! let's do this!! )

DooLey Couple is the best

# AGREE !!!

DooLey Couple is the best !!!


her acting is all good,,she can portray her role well, make it effective and charming as well...but I think having the chance, she can do more good in acting, just a good script, directors and co-actors...I'd like to see her more in movie

I do love all of her drama, movie and show, like...Hearstrings, You're Beautiful, Tree of Heaven, Hayate, Cyrano Agency...see?

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What is your favorite Park Shin Hye's drama or movie?

Park Shin Hye has acted in many dramas and movies, so I would like to see your voting for her acting!

Park Shin Hye's fans forever!!!!!!!!

for me, shin hye and yong hwa looks good together ..

JKS and PSH is the best couple for me

Thanks everyone, for telling me your opinion

I think park shin hye and jang guen suk is the best couple for me.....I like both of them....

Hello...park shin hye....your my idol.....and I'm your fans forever......
Good afternoOn....