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I really love PARK SHIN HYE. My only princess .

i often wonder who she really is dating....,r princess often surrounded by many handsome
celebrity men n maybe also she may b 2 busy 2 dedicate herself to one.......
but also she is human n very natural 4 us females 2 desire falling in love even if one is 2 busy
4 love, do u not think so?...............cheers, megan

i really love all about her!!!...
you my beauty princess.. i want to see you park shin hye..

Shin Hye rank up from 29th place to 28th place please keep on voting guys. Kamsahamnidda. One day one vote.

Please help us to vote Park Shin Hye for Top Halyu Star. One vote for one day.It's free and no need for signing up Thanks.

sepid ok i did it i love you shin hye 12 years ago
Enilajor Ü Thanks keep on voting everyday for our Shin hye 12 years ago

I really love Park Shin Hye, she's so good and perfect and everything

Arie Lounie Pwouy yeahhh. . . .i also love park shin hye.. 12 years ago

park shin hye you are so good

Yoboseyo? i am ur new groupmate.... Yeongeorul malsum halsu isseoyo?

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park shin hye

park shin hye is an example of a helpful person.... many people are inspired of her gold heart.... she is my idol and angel she is a responsible ambassador wish for her luck tnx... 그녀에게 더 많은 힘을...

-all about park shin hye-

Congratulation to Sukkie and Haccie for winning the Paeksang Popularity Award ) I'm so happy for both of them Yieee


annyeonghaseo park shin hye ^_^

i hope you can come indonesia

jezella mari i hope he can come in Philippines too.. 12 years ago

Hi Idol ! i hope i can see you !
Youre so pretty and so good !


#YONGSHIN forever !

annyeong haseyo Shin HyE....

An Yeong Ha Sae Yo!!! can u pls like this page: Park Shin Hye Addict in your fb account... advance thank you...

...for all the members,,kamsahabnida for joining!!!

PSH had been paired/team up to/with(PART 3):
-lee tae sung(several questions that make us happy)
-Jae Hee (Evil Twin)
-Choi Daniel(8th Korean Film Award Nomination}
-Joo Ji Hoon(SectionTV -CLRIDE CF)
-Kim Dong Wook(Nongshim Noodles)
-Kim Jong Gook(Letter MV)
-Oh Sang Jin(Co-host MBC variety show)
-Lee Ki Woo(Not Alone)

PSH had been paired/team up to/with(PART 2):
-Super Junior's Leeteuk(Melon Awards)
-B2ST‘s Doojoon(Co-host Melon Awards)
-Se7en(Goong S)
-Taegoon(Call Me/Superstar MV)
-Lee Seung Hwan(Sarang Ha Na Yo - Do You Love?/Ggot-Flower MV)
-Park Jin Woo(Bichunmoo)
-2PM’s Taecyeon, SHINee’s Minho(Co-host Hallyu Dream Concert)
-Joo Sang Wook(Kimcheed Radish Cubes)
-Kim Hee Chul(co-host with yong hwa)

PSH had been paired/team up to/with(PART 1):
-Jang Geun Suk(CF/Y
-Jung Yong Hwa(HS/YB}
-Lee Hong Ki(Y
-Lee Seung Gi(MV/Will You Marry Me)
-Gi Kwang_Beast(High Kick Through The Roof)
-Lee Min Ho(Etude House CF)
-Kim Hyun Joong( Coke CF)
-Song Joong-gi(Jeonju Int. Film Festival)
-George Hu(Hayate the Combat Butler)
-Kim Bum(CF 2006)
-Baek Sung Hyun(Stairway to Heaven)
-Lee wan(Tree of Heaven)

-Honorary Ambassador for 11th Jeonju International Film Festival in 2010
Goodwill Ambassador of non-profit organization Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI)
Brand Ambassador of Tokyo Girls Collection in Beijing China
Salvatore Ferragamo Spring / Summer Collection Singapore Launching

sarang hae

pls vote spread this link and vote...huhu!!! im desperate coz im against in yongseo tandem..

Saranghe !!!!!!!! Park Shin Hye!!


welcome everyone...if you want to say something, please do...


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-tweet, new year

On January 22, actor Park Shin Hye tweeted a photo with the comment: “I went to a Korean traditional market to prepare festive dishes for the Lunar New Year’s Day. My father took sweet dried persimmon for me. Happy New Year! Enjoy the holiday!” In the photo, Park is holding the dried persimmon in her mouth. In a red muffler and an earphone, she visited a traditional market with parents like an ordinary Korean daughter who is in preparation of festive dishes. People who saw the photo left...

-all about park shin hye-

thank u 4 loving her,,

spread love,,and more people will appreciate her!!!

Go Shin HYe!!!