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TOPIC: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography

Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #38794

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just like to share this..

I just saw this awhile ago..
I suddenly miss tae kyung..


Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography

November 25th, 2009 at 13:55 hrs , written by Kokoni and Lullaby

Making a trustworthy radiography of one the characters most complex with we have had the pleasure to meet results a really hard task. One post is not enough to make a deeper the characteristics of this scheming character and I think that even if we propose, we never could make an enough deep analysis to realize about all his defects and virtues. Even tough, to put Hwang Tae Kyung behind the screen of our particular X-ray machine is to all of us a big challenge, that maybe when we will finish, probably, we won’t be mentally healthy, … even tough, here we go, and we hope you will enjoy it.

TK’s personlity is like the Atlantic Ocean: the waters are cold, of an unfathomable deep, apparently quiet in a summer day but brave and irritable when the storms come. The sea’s look, in the surface, is monotonous, continuous, boring and immutable but incredibly fascinating and wild in its inside, where the colours, shades and shapes combine each other to give us that thing that we usually call life. In that way is TK, unshakable on the outside but active and full of light in his inside. The problem is that that incredible light that he treasures in his inside is so powerful that emerge by his skin’s pores and, at the end, he looks like a star: overcoat in front GMN’s eyes.

Easily we can prove that TK has two faces: the first one that he shows to the World and the second, the one with he lives with in his inside, however, also he has a third one: his most acknowledged side, one side that even he doesn’t know about and that side makes him lives emotions never lived before. These emotions get conflicted with his inflexible values’ scheme, pushing him in most of the cases to act against his own will and being involved in absurd and stressful situations that bother him, dislike him but for some inexplicable strange reason, he needs them and look for them.

1.Don’t touch me
2.Don’t get in my room
3.Don’t touch my things
When Go Mi Nam arrived to live at ANJell’s house, she had to face with the strict conduct code that Tae Kyung has imposed to each person that is near him. Exactly this is what he said:

I’ll quickly explain the state of things here, so listen carefully. First, don’t put your hands on me without permission. I’m especially appalled when you approach so suddenly. Second, don’t come into my room without permission. If you want a shower or brush you teeth with a bidet, do it in your own room. Third, don’t touch my things without my permission. If things aren’t in the exact position where I placed them, I really can’t stand it.

The rules are very simple and easy to memorize them but doesn’t look like that for the newbie in the house. Even tough, the anger’s fits and her partner’s snubs, Go Mi Nam still breaks them every day these three basic rules:

1. Don’t touch me

The unsociable and distrustful’s nature of TK makes him have big problems of social relationship with the World: one of this symptom is the aversion to the physical contact with the rest of human beings. This repulsion is not only the product of his fear to be infected or get dirty by other people, it’s also because of the lack of experience when he receives some love. TK never has felt warm nor affection by his beloved ones that’s why he doesn’t have the ability like the rest of us when the time of show gratitude when a caress, a smile or a kind gesture appears. When some caress’s sign comes to him, the feedback’s cable breaks and it’s really hard for him to answer: his muscles tense, his expression shrinks, his body gets cold and his mind blackout. So that’s how he has an undaunted and theatrical reaction to face the effusiveness of a sweet hug.

However, doubt in front this singular way of reaction would be ask ourselves if TK really needs of love’s signs or not. ¿Is there in the world someone so self-sufficient and cold who can live the rest of his life unaware to something so intrinsically human how is the love feeling? If we talk about TK, the answer is NO. Like he said, what bothers him is to be approached physically without warning not in the moments when he is psychologically in the deepest, someone who gives him some understanding and love, emotions that without doubt Go Mi Nam knows how to show him perfectly.

2. Don’t get in my room

Do you know the phrase: “Like the person who listens about rain”? Well, that’s how GMN takes TK’s words when he forbids her to do something. The rule “Don’t get in my room without his permission” is one of the hardest to follow for the ex-nun-in-training that for some strange reason always invades the space, the bathroom and the desk of the always clean and immaculate room of her hyung-nim.


ANJELL’s paradise

One of the attractive (of the many it has) of this drama is the wonderful put in scene od the room and its decorations: always we will remember ANJell’s house by its warm of shapes, avant-garde design but welcoming, live and young colours and a smart and impeccable division of its spaces.

While the hall, kitchen, terrace and even the GMN’s bedroom wasted light and heat, the TK’s bedroom fits perfectly sobriety and his spirit color: the Orange and green of the rest of the rooms we go to the electric blue, gray, black and clean and perfect white, all this combined with a meticulously, sickly and stifling which joined the pictures of himself that has hung on the wall in order to give the feeling of having entered to the particular demigod of a space age sanctuary, or something similar.

3. Don’t touch my things

To satisfy this rule previously we must prevent skip rule number 2. If not you enter the TK’s room, you would avoid the temptation to move, change or break objects in there. TK has so well studied at each of their things that if a mild breeze changes the position of scores where he writes, for sure undoubtedly he would realize about the changes.

This obsession with the order is not more or less than the externalisation of one of its many deficiencies: order in his emotional life. As son of a dismembered home this lack of stability, organization and emotional control well needed when he was a kid somehow he tries to play it with either compulsive and obsessive behaviours such as order and cleanliness. “If I’m not able to sort my emotional life at least I will pretend that everything that surrounds me is under my control,” this is the Tae Kyung’s maximum.


If TK was Messiah in his land and predicts with his own example definitely the drama would have not been so fun and original. Since GMN came into his life, he has felt the impulse to break each of his rules that so urgently requires to his peers: he has invaded GMN’s room without her presence, he has registered her belongings and above all, on many occasions has ignored rule number 1, physical contact. How many times did he drag her without restraint the hand as if she was a stuffed animal? Besides he has also helped her with her fingers when she clumsily tried to fix her hairpin, he has given the thermometer when she was sick, he brought her head so she can drink a bottle with straw, he touched her bottom to help her to be up the truck where his mobile fell, he has got her waist when she was on the verge of falling and helped taking the stairs when she couldn’t see anything. We must say that those were moments that touch the other person were inevitable, but what about stealing her first kiss? What was also a physical contact imposed by circumstances? Little rascal! >_<

Far from reaching perfection, the personality of A.N.JELL’s leader suffers of many weaknesses. These weaknesses rather than diminish him come to strengthen the idiosyncrasy of his person. There is no doubt that without these subtle details the character would have failed captivating the hearts of so many followers.


Tae Kyung is a man who is slave not only of his mania but also his genetic deficiencies. He suffers of a number of allergies that prevent him from moving freely through some areas such as e.g. the culinary: his body goes into a serious reaction if he eats shrimp or sesame (either in seeds or oil). Furthermore nor can approach the pollen that’s why he can’t accept any gift in the form of flowers. These allergies are not something that have emerged him as a gronw up he is carrying this problem since he was a kid. He has been on the verge of dying at the hands of the two women in his life: his mother and Go Mi Nam. Fortunately both end up learning the lesson and end up memorizing it: GMN at first and her mother… well… a few years later…


For the curious, some data on this common sensitivity:

Allergy to shellfish (including the prawns) is relatively common and can be associated with a severe symptomatology like anaphylactic shock. The symptoms may appear after ingestion of a small amount of shellfish.

Allergy to shellfish is produced by an allergenic protein, the parvalbumina, which is present in the muscles in almost all fish and shellfish, that’s why a person who is allergic to any kind of seafood will be allergic to all seafood. The parvalbumina resists cooking, so seafood allergy patients are unable to consume it in any of their presentations. Although there is no direct relationship between fish and seafood allergy, many people are allergic to both types of food.

Allergic reactions to seafood can be serious, even fatal. The intensity of the symptoms depends on the sensitivity of the patient and the quantity of feed ingested. One of the first symptoms is itching mouth and throat appear within minutes of ingestion of seafood, followed by other allergic reactions such as nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, hives, angioedema, asthma and, occasionally allergic shocks which can be fatal.

The difference with other food allergy is that this doesn’t tend to disappear over time which means that shellfish food must be avoided for life.


Relationship with his mother (to which nobody knows and which everyone talks on a strange legend circulating among fans) is one of the weaknesses that causes him more frustrations in TK’s complex mind. Due to his birth, his mother was forced to let go the man who loved so the child had to suffer the resentment of her. As the years were turning, TK wound because of the lack of this maternal love became more and more large causing real emotional disasters whenever it occurred some encounter with her. She, far from seeking to start a appraochment of sincere manner towards his son, what she does is trying to use his fame and position to continue honoring the memory of the true love of her life, Go Mi Nam’s dad. Few characters in the history of the dramas have shown have bad head and little consideration, even to forget such fundamental details as the day that gave birth to their own child, and not to mention the issue of allergies. Paradoxically, it’s thanks to her that it’s revealed in the plot that TK suffers from these disorders: is she that invites him to lunch shrimp and is she that was about to send a bouquet of flowers to convince him to record her beloved song.


Hwang Tae Kyung has no visual type problems, he doesn’t use glasses or is known to use lenses however turns into a being totally disheveled when he is in a completely dark site. His vision blurs and cannot distinguish objects around him. This is because he suffers from a condition known as night blindness consisting of inability to adapt the vision to dark environments. This problem occurs when there is a deficiency in the production of a necessary pigment that helps the eye to adapt to darkness, the rodpsina. Tae Kyung lacks this pigment because his body doesn’t have required vitamin for that, vitamin A.

The photoshot day where he had to be eating limes, in one of the moments he came to suggest that perhaps he should change citrus for bananas. From the point of view of his problem, this would have been a good idea since the banana contains this vitamin that sorely needs. In addition, he has GMN that cares and wisely research about food that contains this property, like spinach and carrots (very good for the view); unfortunately to the “Mister” these vegetables he can’t eat because he doesn’t like them.

When TK can’t see he shows himself really nervous; this impotence takes him to lose even the control, so that’s why he sleeps with the light on and therefore asks GMN wherever is dark she must be close enough so he can see where she is.


Only someone so special as Tae Kyung can feel rejection towards something so sweet and harmless as a bunny. He was bitten once and since then he doesn’t want to know anything about these beautiful animals. If TK decided to withdraw support to something or someone he does for life: when he hates, hates forever and hardly anything you can do for making him feel sympathy or affection again. He seemed most successful put GMN tokki nickname because according to him outside she is innocent and sweet but inside hides a great deal of threat and danger. And somehow he is right, he always got into trouble each time he crosses in her life and even though she sings the rabbit mountain’s song with a lot of courage. But as the steel is defeated by heat, TK accepts to change his opinions only if GMN is the reason: thanks to her he overcome his trauma to rabbits and starts playing the piano melody of the song that bother him.


Quevedo once wrote: “Once upon a time a man who was stuck to a nose…” in relation to the description which made the huge nose that someone had. Thus it is TK: a man “stuck” to his ‘huge’ manias. He hates dirt and bad smells (even the scent of a women perfume might bother him). It is no wonder that the day that GMN ‘showed him’ on his face what she have eaten before[1] that night whe she fell on him, he went into a catatonic state of shock and ended when he fainted. There were no water or soap in the world to remove the sensation of dirt that he had for several days

Fortunately thanks to this mania for cleaning we could have seen tha always expected scene in all drama: SHOWER SCENE!!!, but this time not without a reason, but cleverly introduced to his obsession with being always neat. Also add that if someone offers him a drink he won’t doubt in thoroughly clean the hole through which he has to drink, unless it comes from GMN which opens entrusted and he will totally end lost because in spite of the multitude of times that he has left scalded, always ends turning to rely on his ‘dangerous’ tokki.

[1] When she puked him in his mouth


Another of his manias is sharpening his pencils or in the case of markers observe carefully if tip brings together the best conditions so he can write perfectly. If we compare this to his personality it could be a symptom of his eagerness to reach perfection and the slefexigence imposing of doing what he proposed to himself. TK doesn’t undertaken any project if he doesn’t know that he will highlight of all, either professional or romantic field: he must be very sure about going out victorious because if not, he’s not capable of initiating any movement. Review the tip of their pencils is nothing more than an analogy to its prior of facing the challenges of his life behavior: “I first note, ‘sharp’ my arms and I released the only alternative I can: win”.


Never a gesture has imbued so much personality and charisma into a character, such as the famous HTK’s pouts. This gestural mania that he has made it repeatedly in the moments that gets angry or resent (that are almost always); also this is out as a gesture of supremacy and disdain reaching assimilate much until focuses and abstracts in his thoughts, also it comes out. Only once the harshness of this gesture is mitigated by a sweet smile: reason, its another weakness: GMN (chapter six when he promises to give the best of itself and asks him to help her to perform his song).

We can say that there are certain moments that, before any unexpected event, TK disconnects by few seconds from reality, he sets his gaze, turns a little his head and begins the “data transmission”. It’s like his mind is working to discover why of the situation and start to appear green Matrix type letters next to his head. After the transmission starts reflection, and after that, he starts to act, but not before be sure of everything.

Of course, when he already has all clear, when he really feels that what he believes is true, he lacks time for launch the pool. And so we have seen him, either to discover that GMN is a girl or that is in love with him and not SW. The clearest example is found in Chapter 2, where we see how listening of the same MN that she is a girl, but he needs to check and verify it, so he hugs her. Also in 12, when he doesn’t conform to listen to the meaning of the ‘pig nose’, he needs all gotten tests and for having: photos, hairpin… Only thus he becomes quiet and he can be assured of things, because, as mark feature of the House, is the insecurity disguised as self-confidence. In fact, his mind is grid that he needs a piece of paper and one of his well sharpened pencils to make a schema of his feelings and why he has those. As Einstein said: “If I can’t draw it, I don’t understand it”. Is there anything more rational than that?

Tae Kyung’s smiles are sold very expensive, we are very little accusromed to see them; the smiles are like water in the desert, very few but with quality. And it is that he doesn’t give them freely, but when he smiles is truly and sincerely. That’s why with GMN who did smile more, we have never seen him happy with other characters, except with her, either hiding his smile behind of his coffee, while he amuses and becomes a playful kid, with a broad smile when feels relieved or hidden from the MN’s eyes.

And what can we say about this, unless that that smile changes JGS’s face: TK is cold and dry, and has an aggressive image, but when he smiles is another completely different person, appears to rejuvenate, softens his factions… and makes anyone love him, including the ‘fake fairy’ who leaves her bewitch by more fake TK’s smile, which he takes out only when he has to be the ‘idol’. But those smiles are weaknesses to HTK so nothing easier to control them… but in front of GMN he can’t resist it.

There is nothing better to define the character’s personality than his closet. Tae Kyung as fashion icon and masses idol must care for even the smallest detail of his appearance. Let’s analyze step by step what elements are the most important:


It isn’t weird to think that the attractiveness of TK’s personality also has much to do with garments that he chooses for his wardrobe. In spite of being the leader’s band, TK’s style is quite elegant for a boy his age.

Most of the times that he goes to the street wearing clothes of various tissues and textures but always without leaving the sober colours and stylized lines. In his closet abound shirts and fine neckties, giving him a sophisticated air and pop star, as well as the neck boat t-shirts leaving bare chest, when no shoulders. This touch of femininity in his clothes, far away to make him seem an androgynous being, comes to strengthen the personality and character of the character who cares for each tiny detail of his external presence, all perfect and ready to live up to his fans.

At home he wears wide and comfortable clothing (shirts neck boat mentioned above) which also wears to sleep. However sometimes also sleeps with nothing above (the scene in which he couldn’t sleep thinking that GMN is still seeking her ring in the pond didn’t give us enough information as to reveal if he really was completely naked or not).

When he wants to run away from a more classic style and offer a more casual image, he wears his jerseys with a classic shirt underneath, leaving bare neck.

Talking about the bottom part, You´re Beautiful has been the drama of the tight pants offering shapes and colors of all kinds: green bottle, white, black, gray, unpainted… Note the presence in his wardrobe of a shirt cyan color in different chapters he has worn repeatedly, the only different is that the neck color changed. Seems to be the same shirt that changed the necks in such way that can be combined with other add-ons and colors.

But if we have to choose the garment that Y´rB has become fashionable would undoubtedly be neck pendant shirts that so often TK has worn in many scenes, finding even the XXL version of such gaverment, the floating super-neck… so wide and bulky which becomes a hood, useful to hide of the curious and sometimes unwelcome fans eyes. When you think the wardrobe of TK it comes to your mind the sobriety and elegance combined with most chic and stylist of the moment: Blacks, grays, the violets, and the Brown are disturbed by the luminosity of the White color (fundamental color in the drama) and the exceptional case of lime color.


If something we will remember of TK’s esthetics is the extensive gallery of hairstyles that have delighted us during the whole drama.

1. ELVIS IS ALIVE: name that YAB fans in the network has given to this original hairstyle, with a clear reminiscences to 1950s and giving to the character that cool air type, disillusioned, zamanfou and frivolous so characteristic of TK.

2. GOTHIC: It is the style that the drama presented us the character. It consists of a straight line to the left and the fringe crushed and rebrushed towards the opposite side hiding one eye. The hairstyle was vital to show the public his cold, dreary and distant nature. Later, as the nature of the character began to ‘open’ and to convince GMN that he was still number one of A.N.JELL, he decided to retire hair and display, for joy and happiness of his fans, his beautiful face.

3. SAMURAI: This is the classic tie shown when he is at home but something more sophisticated, when he is ready to go out to the streets and something more elaborate. Highlight the importance of the sideburns well profiled and circling his face.

4. MISTER CLEAN: each time that TK takes a shower or gets wet hair, either accidentally (when he washed himself in the River in his countryside adventure) or by requirements of his work (in the pool photo shoot) makes his traditional hairline to the side, gets it behind of the ear and hoped to be dry naturally: is quick and easy but with equally mesmerized effects.

5. COQUITO´S FEVER: Needless to say, is the best-known hairstyle, not because it has been seen for the first time on TK but because JGS, the actor, had worn it previously. Alot was said about the tics, gestures and contributions that this actor has brought to the character of TK and which have not been specified by the script; with the original styles in the hair happened the same, JGS has lent to the character and successfully so overwhelming that not conceivable to TK without their characteristic buns.

6. ARISTOCRAT: Coincidence or not, TK has this hairstyle every time he has to find his mother. It is a variant of the hairstyle hull but more smooth, regardless of Fixer and showing both eyes, without forgetting that touch of distinction and personality that give the sideburns out.

7. THE IDOL: It is the most transgressor and daring of all. Plays with asymmetries, the molded and the difference in heights getting so that modern look, informal and always top of the pop stars.

8. ANTI-HAIRSTYLE: This hairstyle doesn’t try to control any detail and let the nature forces (in the case of the drama, the water) act freely and give way to the hair. If the drama had more chapters probably would have given more time to popularize this style, sure!

9. THE UPSET: The version of the anti-hairstyle but instead of wind or water who causes it, this depends on the psycho-emotional state that takes him. The more annoyed, exesperated, hysterical and outside himself that is one more volume and disorder will succeed in this unique type of hairstyle. Needless to say, the brand of the Fixer that allows these forms so impossible is ‘Go Mi Nam’.

10. THE ADONIS: One of the most favorable TK esthetics: mixed formality with the ease and is removed all the fringe of the face allowing to look his beautiful eyes.


Keep a fashion image also implies pay attention to plug-ins attire. Sunglasses in a famous character are absolutely indispensable. TK has several models.

In jewerly section, he likes to show off rings wide and striking but not too abused of the pendants. Takes a black pending on the left ear, but sometimes moved it according to the photo shoot and use any with a brilliant stone, nothing flamboyant rather discret.

We can’t say the same about his clock which he wears it in many chapters of the drama. It’s a clock whose bracelet is covered with full of brilliant. Feminine? Can be, but terribly fashion and ultra-cool. Fortunately the character didn’t wear the horrifying handbags women (as of the current Korean men taste): only appears with one of these each time he has to catch a flight at the airport.

Finally, and not least, mention shoes’ section, where the middle and final heel at tip booties occupy an excellence place. This together with the close ties, the tight jeans and ‘Elvis’ hairstyle give him that rockabilly air to the ‘rebel without a cause’ make him so special and attractive.

His similarly being, unsociable and distant, makes him the most comic character to my liking (Yes, Jeremy is fun for their sweetness and innocence, but TK who really makes us laugh). In this way we can find moments that, without tend to be, becomes the King of comedy (for what JGS is really perfect, because he doesn’t have nor pinch of shame to make scenes that others would be scared of).

Most of the funniest moments of the drama come from his same mania or allergies. For example, personally I love his ‘relationship with the animals’, pig moment or rabbit moment won’t be paid with money. See how changes his face of relaxed to scared to see the pig or explain completely serious his ridiculous rabbit fear make these unforgettable moments.

And it is this seriousness what makes all these scenes hilarious. As his stubbornness on not asking directions or take a taxi to stop giving turns in a gelato. All these laughs come by his way of being. But these scenes are not the only.

His attempt to hide his concern towards GMN or his jealousy are also a great source of laughter for me. Thus we see that he’s not a sympathetic character and he doesn’t do jokes, but on the contrary!; he is irritable and irritating at times, we can say that he is anti-hero par excellence (vs. Prince charming, the perfect man is SW), but has something that makes him special for laughter. In fact the only time that I remember I laugh by a joke is when MN is in the Park and Jeremy tried to make her go down from the toolbar… is his only answer in all the drama to a joke, a hidden half smile (and is more because of the reaction of MN than Jeremy’s joke).

So far I haven’t found a character so extreme as HTK who, at the same time, makes me laugh so much. And I am sure that HTK would get angry if he knew thaht we laugh in that way of him.

Despite everything we have said before about his distant and cold personality, it seems that TK has a warm interior, and although unwilling, although combat against that, he is n that way. So we can see him permanently during the whole drama helping GMN to hide her secret, with his knowledge or hidden way, even sacrificing himself for the sake of it. Begins to live things so far had never happened to him, and while he keeps saying that his life was quiet before GMN appears and that never should have discovered that she was a girl, the fact is that he is happy to have her beside him and that she depends a lot of him. At the time that he believes she is away and that another guy could take care of her, he suffers. This is what I like most of the character. It’s impressive to see how his face changes when he is worried about her.

This is clear when avoids that SW will take care of MN while she is ill; he feels responsible, doesn’t leave that nobody else gives her what he can give her. He gradually is taking out his more human side and let himself be carried a bit more by his feelings, and not by his reason. How if we couldn’t have seen TK ‘ice floe’ care of someone? And of course, such care end up becoming ‘details’ in the most natural way. He goes to buy women clothes for’ emergency’, not because he wants to see her wih those clothes on… no Sir!

Tae Kyung is a person that doesn’t need to pronounce any word to express what he feels, his look is more than sufficient. His eyes are two black stings that he sticks in your mind that blurs your senses and reach fear seriously for your physical integrity… If not for your life.

His disparaging half side smile, his minimalist of upset, his eyebrows lifted incredulous… nothing is comparable with the power of his look able to freeze blood and why not say it… It also melt you heart.


1. Contempt

2. Fury

3. Plea / Fear

4. Suspicion

5. Mistrust

6. Pain / Sorrow

GMN feels a strange magnetism to TK, in spite of knowing that he treats her with the tip of his foot: when he speaks to her or he is lecturing her, he can’t avoid staying openmouth facing eyes and sank without remedy in such depth of ebony, cold and unscrupulous. How many times TK threw her knives with eyes, how many times he has scrutinize top down analyzing her as if she was a insignificant worm? And in spite of this, the ex nun has not felt any objection in continue ‘knocking on his door’ to find the heat of her most valuable star…


These look are responsible that GMN press strongly her nose making her look like a pig. Accompanied by a smile almost always that the girl make her feel cramping throughout the body. TK may leave you completely unarmed with a look but also knows how to say ‘I love you’ without moving lips. Icy, arrogant, unsociable and inquisitorry, his eyes evolved while his feelings for GMN have been developed. TK is a catalytic emotions so powerful that if his look is because of fury, the spectator would hide the head, if it’s an anguish look, the heart shrinks and if it is happiness look… believe to be in the selfsame sky.

The relationship between TK and Shin Woo is more professional than fraternal. Among them there is a cold link indifference exacerbated when GMN arrives at their lives. Both are two lions living in a pack led by TK, SW respects him but sometimes he doesn’t share. TK imposes his domain and SW challenges him on those issues related with GMN. They have never been friends, or colleagues, nor have shared confidences so suspicion and jealousy between the two are more than obvious.

SW is GMN’s shoulder to cry on when she is suffering and cries becuse of TK’s snubs, while this last one is supporting her to carry out his ‘great deception’. SW is sweet, attentive, complacent and loving; GMN seems happy whenever they are together, or at least thus interprets the twisted mind of TK who knows that these qualities are highly dangerous to make fall in love to a girl, and still knowing the impressionable that the girl is and the lack of affection that she has. These characters (TK and SW) have just exchanged a couple of lines of the script and like they aren’t related to each other can’t sit to the other and open up with the GMN theme. At contrary they communicate through challenging, and killer eyes leaving clear in their expressions that they aren’t prepared to be so easily overcome.

We don’t know what precedes what: If the handsomeness or sexyness. What is clear is that despite the irritating and proud that he can become, his physical attractiveness is such that any contempt to it, of any kind of nature that is, just results (at least for me) a sexual claim more than anything else.

TK is a born seducer not… a womanizer, beware, those are different concepts. TK is a snake charmer that doesn’t take advantage of his magnetism with women: he has plenty of fans willing to throw him to his face their latest acquisitions of ‘Woman Secret’ however he never benefited from this. He has the qualities of ‘bad boy’ that attracts the ladies and that he is aware of it but which doesn’t take advantage. Only with GMN he rushes to the seduction game: he intimidates her, corners her, he gives his gaze more ‘killer’, incites her… in one word: flirts and in a brazen manner. Of course that for the girl, the courtship language is like the Czech language for someone from Uganda.

After analyzing all the aspects of TK’s personality we deduce that despite all his defects, in essence, is a beautiful person, not only outside (to the test I refer) but also on the inside. You´re Beautiful is without any discussion the best title that the Hong sisters had been able to devise for such an exceptional drama.


To illustrate this section we offer some fanvideos made by one of the most passionate and handed over to the cause that we had the pleasure to know SeDientas thought. Inma (Jeannelok) thank you for your invaluable help, time and creativity. Certainly, your input put the final icing luxury to the review of this unique and surprising character.

1. FAN VIDEO GOMINAM: In the GMN’s eyes we will know what kind of feelings awakens the leader in her innocent heart.

2. FAN VIDEO HWANG TAE KYUNG: Surprising and humbling vision of romantic history that convulsed the cold and unwavering TK.


It wouldn’t be fair to put end this revision of this character without mentioning the person who get to Tae Kyung takes life. Viewers, fans, critics and You´re Beautiful production staff have agreed unanimously to affirm that: “no one would have been able to perform Tae Kyung rather than Jang Geun-Suk”. These words we can take various nuances: probably another actor could wear neck ship shirts or have worn the long fringe as the same Jang, but it won’t occurred, either by hint, the reaction in string that YAB has caused in an international level. Many gestures, manias, tics, expressions and TK poses are product only and exclusively of the incredible interpretative talent of JGS. Probably the drama hasn’t been sufficiently valued at its land and even less likely is that his work receives an award (these absurd and depressing Awards popularity) or maybe yes, who knows. (SBS popularity award)

Their scarce 22 years old Jang Geun-Suk has made clear that the stars that shine with own light don’t need a rating of two figures so that appreciattes their work. Jang is young, with a promising road ahead and hopefully after YAB only come to confirm what many already started to glimpse from some time ago: that he becomes in one of the Korean actors with more projection of future of his generation.



























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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #38815

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What the detail article regarding HTK character.
I salute who did it.
Kokoni and Lullaby, you are awesome.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Khulynne for the uploads.
It make me miss ANJELL again!!!!
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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #38818

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:OMG wow complete radiography for htk :superkiss:

all about his character listed in this article

it very complicated char, no wonder this drama still got award until now... :heartsh:

maybe the writer takes a year to create all the character in this drama :touched

and all the actor played it very well.. even our princess take 3 month to throw away gominam char in her life...

salute to those who create this masterpiece drama :willing
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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #38827

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thank you kkhulynne so much for posting this up.

really salute kokoni and lullaby for being able to come up wit these.

HTK is really a complicated char and yet play so well by JGS!!

missing the ANJELLS so much!!
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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #38939

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Thank you khulynne29 for sharing it. :superkiss: :superkiss:

Thank you to the writers as well, Kokoni and Lullaby, I absolutly agree for everything you wrote :shy: :shy:
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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #38947

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hahah,..eow geunshin shipper's :-V

don't thank me.. thank ate gail.. hahah:wahaha
for sharing this to you.. if not for her you will not be able to read this..'
keke...:wahaha coz i originally post this article on "mga kababayan" thread(a thread made for filipino members
of shinhye community)only pinoy's and pinay's who visited that thread can read it....
maybe thats the reason why ate gail decided to make this new thread, moved and repost this article here...
so you fellow geunshin shippers out there will be able to see and read it... :-V :-V
:piggyrabbit :piggyrabbit

that's all folks....:wahaha

enjoy reading,,, ke ke... dweji tokki lets dance... hahahah
:piggyrabbit :piggyrabbit
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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #40080

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@khulynne: yeah sis..that's the reason..
to be able to share hwang tae kyung's coolness here.. :OMG
Here's more of Tae Kyung..
Now the Tae Kyung Look.. :ding:
1. Looks that Kill.. :onhot:


2. Looks that make you fall in love: :luvluv:


3. The look of jealousy: :OMG



4. The sexy look: :shy:

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 6 months ago #40504

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thanks to you ate gail...
"LOve ME?? GrEat. HaTe Me?? dATS evEn BetTer... DoN't KnOw Me???? Don't JudGE ME...!!"

"A well-grounded assurance is always attended with three fair handmaids: love, humility and holy joy"

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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 5 months ago #44171

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i miss hwang tae kyung... T.T :touched :touched

i really hope that there will be yab season 2..






so cute,,,:luvluv: :luvluv:
"LOve ME?? GrEat. HaTe Me?? dATS evEn BetTer... DoN't KnOw Me???? Don't JudGE ME...!!"

"A well-grounded assurance is always attended with three fair handmaids: love, humility and holy joy"

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Re: Hwang Tae Kyung: A.N.JELL’s radiography 9 years 5 months ago #44183

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HTK is really cute.. =X
I miss HTK.. :kiss1:
Wishing for YAB Season 2.. :willing
Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

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