Inday Nava replied to the topic 'Ok Taecyeon' in the forum. 7 years ago

Thanks sis @journoexpat and sis @sagitrandra and other sis who keep this thread alive. Been tied up with work as I finish a number of projects before the year ends. Thanks for greetings and thoughts. My apologies for not participating too often. My internet service has also been quite erratic, don't know if it is the weather.

Did watch the videoclip sent by one of the sisters, with subs too. As someone said, TY seems to wear his heart on his sleeves. And the emcee seemed to prod him to do so. Seemed she was nudging him to confess really.

Let's wait what PSH will say or do in response. Am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Knowing that PSH is quite prudent when it comes to these things, it might be she won't give her response in public but would rather connect with him (if she so wishes) in private. Since a few summers back when nasty rumors about her dating spilled out, she had said very little about the guys in her life... except that one Taiwanese male star who expressed interest in working with her, I forget who it was. So it is possible she and TY are connecting after the interview but privately.

Thanks all sisters who keep the site alive with news, comments, etc. Take care everyone. Keep posting and keep us posted. :)