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TOPIC: 2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day

2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135508

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Thanks sis @fgnuva Happy to see you too :)
i'll be here often ;) Have good time see you in the other threads :heartsh:
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135514

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Warm welcome to you sis @Sagitandra.....Thank you for your first post
No worries on your long post.....we are all used to reading long ones in this thread :)
Join us in the other threads as well.....Let us all have fun and enjoy in this community

I just finished watching episode 17
it definitely is different watching it with eng sub
if episode 16 showed excitement on the dynamics of Taecyeon and Shin Hye
Episode 17 showed a lot of tender moments not just between our 'unofficial couple'
but also between the elders caring for the younger ones.....
like LSJ worried about Taecyeon being sick and KKK telling Shin Hye to rest after she worked hard.....
talk about Shin and Taecs sweet moments....there are too many to mention LOL

I truly had so much fun watching 3MAD
Im really going to miss them.....sigh!
Sisters.....please continue to posts
we could always reminisce in this thread right? ;) :) ;)

:luvluv: :ding:
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135521

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So here goes........(another one of my long lecture type musings)

To begin with different people will see different things within the interactions of Shin Hye and Taecyeon during TMAD.
Whether they will collaborate further on a professional level or not is debatable. I can't fathom companies won't be able
to imagine the absolutely gorgeous advertisements these 2 would generate especially with the easy camaraderie they share not to mention the sparks that just seem to generate whenever they interact. We have all seen the "sexy" these two can generate in commercials before - can you imagine how they would interact together in a commercial that utilized that look?
Should they act opposite each other in a drama? I would personally love to see them act together in an action adventure movie. It's not likely to happen anytime soon but it would be mesmerizing to watch these 2 beautiful and athletic people participate in an action movie. They were made for such a collaboration.

There are many dynamics to a good relationship and many factors that play into the relationship. A few are: Assertiveness factor - expressing one's feelings and being able to ask for what you want/desire - they both rank high on this factor. Self-confidence factor - how good you feel about yourself and the ability to accomplish what one wants in life - I think Shin Hye has said before she doesn't have a lot of self-confidence - my observation is she is self composed and we will never know how much the hate mail and snide, mean remarks get to her. She is good at camouflaging her hurt at the cruelty she has experienced. Shin Hye definitely ranks high on accomplishing what she wants. She has had to make tough choices in her young life so of course it has effected her life and career but she is an exceedingly strong-willed and determined individual. Taecyeon may have doubts now and then but overall he is very self-confident. He definitely has a life plan and is working toward it. The Avoidance factor - it is the tendency to minimize issues and a reluctance to deal with those issues. This is a tricky one because without really candid interviews we don't know if they avoid issues and try not to deal with
them. My take is Taecyeon is the personality type that would face things head on and deal with it immediately if possible. Shin Hye seems to be the type to avoid an issue that might hurt someone's feelings. She is also brutally honest in her dealings with her friends and acquanitances but with management issues, I dare say she lets her company handle those to avoid misconceptions. Then there is the Partner Dominance factor - this focuses on how much one thinks their partner dominates and/or tries to control them and the situation. This one will be interpreted differently based on how you see the person's desire to be in charge. Taecyeon likes to be in control but he is the type of man that will relinquish control in most situations to his loved one if she wants control. However, I feel Taecyeon is the sort of man that will be a firm foundation for his future family. Shin Hye likes to be in control - not necessarily of the situation but of herself. She has very strict boundaries for herself and the only person I have yet to see break through those are Taecyeon. She has excellent rapport and chemistry with her Pinocchio co-star but she doesn't exhibit a loosening of her boundaries. I won't deny they are awesome together but as I watch their expressions and eyes I don't see the same look from Shin Hye toward LJS as the look she gave Taecyeon while she held the tomatoes before she left. Her heart was definitely in her eyes. Please don't get mad at me
for saying I don't think she is a couple with her Pinocchio co-star. I enjoyed their drama and I enjoy watching them together. They have such an easy going friendship and compatibility that it is often hard to distinguish friendship from love/like.
I confess there were moments when I leaned toward a love line for her with her Pinocchio co-star.

Taecyeon and Shin Hye certainly gazed meaningfully at each more than once. She was delighted with his silly but caring behavior toward her. I think the "throwing love arrows" at each other was a spontaneous act and she didn't stop to evaluate how it would be construed. In all her previous interactions and interviews she has been careful to not give the impression there is more than friendly exchanges between friends. She thinks before she speaks when she is being interviewed and very guarded in her wording. I can't wait to see if she talks about Taecyeon when she is asked in future interviews or if she will just "glide" over the questions with safe answers. But her expression will say much about her inner feelings whether she says anything or not. Taecyeon may be more forthcoming but both their managements may put a damper on them being candid about their emotions. In their business, particularly in the Asian entertainment market, admitting that they
actually have a love interest can make a huge difference in the amount of endorsement deals they acquire and the levels of their popularity. This is particularly true for Shin Hye because companies like her unblemished reputation.

Another factor that plays a lot into a successful relationship is stress factors. We all know both have high stress factors and they know it goes with the territory. They each desperately need someone to help relieve those stresses. Both have close and dear friends but they both lack that person that makes everything alright at the end of the day. I think they are cognizant of the fact and even though they may not have been actively seeking their "other half", they were surprised at how well they fit together - what one lacks the other has - and a big factor is they both have similar goals and plans for their lives.

If these 2 developed feelings for each other beyond what we have seen so far, would they go public? It's doubtful. Shin Hye
seems to have suffered quite a bit in the past when she was linked to her co-stars. The worse scenario is always the
possibility that a crazed fan would do something unimaginable and there is always the hateful words from those wanting their
favorite male star/idol to be associated with someone else. I noticed that most of those so-called couplings fanatic fans
come up with are simply their delusions. If one watches the videos of the 2 people fans want to be together, we can see
that beyond the professional collaborations there are no feelings involved. I think the WGM show has been responsible for
more than a few delusional fans making a huge mountain out of a mole hill. But Shin Hye has suffered from these fanatics
more than a little. They go to great lengths to seek out articles about her in order to leave hate filled comments.
It says a lot about their moral fiber. One article written as if it were an investigative news article posed questions
as if they were really answers and most people reading would assume Shin Hye had plastic surgery. It was a bogus article filled with a disgruntled anti-fan's wish to debase Shin Hye. Anyone with common sense can look at a picture of her today and compare it to one ten years ago and find the features are the same. She has simply grown into a beautiful young woman.

I have been slowly researching articles about Taecyeon and was surprised at the amount of anger he has received from fans
who don't want him to be associated with their favorite female band member or actress. If they would watch his interaction
with their star they would see he is not interested. I also found it interesting that some female idol fans were incensed when
their star was linked to Taecyeon and then when he was involved professionally with another idol/actress they were even more
angry and wrote as if he had caused their idol great harm by "dumping" her. Is it a crazy profession to be in or what?

Social norms are deeply rooted within Korea and social stratification has led to a social inequality society. This "caste" system
has been changing since the influx of a new "middle class" of professionals ie, engineers, doctors, college professors, civil servants and white collared workers to name a few. Any change within a society that has a class structure requires time and a change in the way people think and react. Even though Shin Hye and Taecyeon are professional actors/musicians I believe they would be accepted within any class structure inside Korea. Shin Hye is beloved of families and seen as a true gem of their country. Taecyeon because of his role within his band might find a more resistant acceptance but his ability as a business man and his drive and ambition to found and run his own company will go far in giving him an acceptable inclusion into the society of Korea. Although this really has nothing to do with their interactions it is notable within the parameters of how their country perceives and accepts them.

Now for the good stuff. Taecyeon wears his feelings in plain sight. He simply can't help being exuberant and cheerful if he is happy. He is a highly excitable person when he is pleased with something. And from his actions Shin Hye pleases him a lot. I watched all of season 1 and all of season 2. I kept reading comments from people who wanted to point out Taecyeon acted the same when Go Ara was on the show. I did not see the same interaction or sparks when he was around her. I don't wish to make Go Ara fans mad at me because I am downplaying anything about her just stating I did not see the same type of interactions. I will stand corrected if someone can point me in the right direction. In fact I didn't see him respond to any other female with anything but politeness and as a gentleman. He was conversationally engaging when anyone - male or female - talked to him but he did not follow them around and act like a love struck puppy as he did when Shin Hye was present.

Taecyeon's facial expressions are a delight to watch. It is said that the face is the most expressive body part because it's muscles are linked to the emotional centers in the brain. The slightest mood change registers as a specific facial gesture, making it extremely difficult to conceal one's true feelings.

I found it interesting when Seo Jin corrected PD Na when the PD commented Taecyeon was out of control when young female guests came on the show and they would not be able to invite other young females. Seo Jin corrected him by saying it was because it was Park Shin Hye. Seo Jin made this distinction statement at least twice. That in itself leads me to believe there may have been some conversations about people they admire and I have a feeling Taecyeon admired her before she appeared on the show. There is also the teasing the guys routinely subjected Taecyeon to concerning whether he liked Shin Hye or not. If he was really opposed to her or that line of conversation he would have made sure it didn't happen. I do believe he used this to his advantage. Whether he wanted her to get comfortable with the banter after she left the show or not, it served to let her know he was interested. Meaning his participation in the telephone calls to Shin Hye. If he did not want to let
this line of teasing continue he would have left the room in order to avoid any misconceptions or the establishment of his interest toward Shin Hye in the viewers minds. It also gave him a way to be able to "excuse" or let his compatriots use the words 'love' and 'like' connected to Shin Hye allowing him to say he was sorry to Shin Hye and shrug his shoulders saying "what can we do with these guys?" type reasoning. It works beautifully when used the way Taecyeon allowed it to play out. Never underestimate this young man and his intellect.

Are the episodes scripted? Before the show started PD Na let it be known there would be no scripts. The staff and he would guide them concerning the food and show rules. The show would allow them the freedom to act and converse as they wished. It was established beforehand and during his acceptance speech he explained they edited the shows after they filmed them. The staff would interject comments during the show but would not try to change the atmosphere or the group goings on/conversations, etc. He has said he was quite surprised by the interaction and sparks between Shin Hye and Taecyeon explaining he never expected it. You can't buy the kind of publicity those 2 interjected into the show and it was not by design or subterfuge.

As one student pointed out Taecyeon seemed off when he started writing letters of thank you to previous guests afer Shin Hye's departure. Taecyeon didn't know what to say and seemed to not be able to compose a note with clarity. That off-hand comment made me review that section. Even though he was jolly and teasing with the other two - watch his expressions and his body language. He was visibly shaken. Taecyeon was a member of the National Honor Society during his school years in America. He received top honors in many subjects including language arts. He composes songs and has a superior grasp of more than one language. He is articulate. But suddenly he was unable to come up with simple phrases. He was shaken when Shin Hye was ready to leave. His body language said so. This was the only setting the two had to be as open as they wanted - a venue to express closeness without censure. It was ending and neither was willing to let go at that moment. It was a series of poignant moments between them and no drama I have watched expresses it any better. The silly comment about the phone number was KKK's interjecting a lighter feeling into the very emotionally draining moment. However, Taecyeon was affected. He showed a wistful and regretful expression. They turned the light romp of a rom-com into a melodrama with just a few words. I want to sigh as loudly and as frequently as Taecyeon .....

The first 2 episodes Shin Hye appeared they clicked very well. Taecyeon was beside himself - pleased to say the least and he didn't hesitate to say she was a wonderful guest and could they ask her to be a regular. He pointed out she was the first guest he had wanted to become a regular cast member. I read a remark where a non-Shin Hye fan wrote it was only the second show so how would he know? I guess they weren't cognizant of the fact there was a whole season before Shin Hye and he had interacted with many guests. He then made the comment out of the blue during the "My House" show. He was asked about TMAD. The interviewer did not mention Shin Hye but Taecyeon immediately started talking about Shin Hye. He pointed out she was a good girl with a good personality and talents and that she was the sort of girl that would become his ideal type. Cart before the horse so to speak? He definitely is thinking about her. In fact, it seems he has thought a lot about her.

Of course we know how he slipped and let it be known he follows her online. I am wondering if he will follow her on instagram? It might be too soon to go that course but then again she did say she would comment about "Assembly" on SNS. It will be interesting to see if they follow or not. Little details allow a bigger picture to emerge. But after the excitement of being together on the show and recognizing there is an attraction - these two will definitely be careful of further interaction within the public eye. And the public eye will certainly be tuned into their every movement.

She made comments during the corn planting that they were good partners. She usually doesn't make those kind of statements about fellow actors. She tries to avoid any show or sign of favoritism other than the usual friendly banter she is known for. She then remarked during her 1st appearance that he was a good man. It wasn't just the words but the look on her face. Remember she said she had followed the show already and knew everything about it. So she has been watching Taecyeon and knows before hand how good-natured he is. She seemed to feel an immediate kinship with Taecyeon much of which could be assigned to the fact they were the only cast members in their age group. The more Taecyeon
interacted with her the more comfortable they became with each other. Noticeably there was another current running beneath the age camaraderie. They genuinely seemed to want to be in each other's company. They kept glancing at each other and their conversation was as if they had known each other for a long time. It is not easy to have that kind of connection no matter what the circumstances. I noticed that she avoided feeding Taecyeon first for the most part during her first 2 episodes. It was as if she were shy when it came to feeding him. She did but her facial expression changed. That changed during her second guesting. She often fed Taecyeon first. That is a telling movement - it means she was more than comfortable with him and liked to do domesticated actions for him. She also was very comfortable during her second guesting, teasing and playing along with Taecyeon. She was more reserved during her first guesting but she was still comfortable and the word family feeling describes the four of them to a T.

During her second guesting she remarked during the interview section that she felt no matter what the situation she and Taecyeon would be good partners together. Then she had a very wistful look as she said but that might just be her thinking that way and no one else. Very telling statement.

From observations of past Shin Hye videos and present day functions she is a friendly, warm people person. She has boundaries erected and stays within those self-imposed boundaries. She is careful of what she says so that it doesn't come back to bite her. But she let those boundaries down when she was interacting with the 3 guys and crew on TMAD. She crossed some of her own boundaries. That is an interesting thing for her to do. Should I count the number of times she let her guard down when looking at Taecyeon? The first guesting was not as blatant as the second guesting. The most telling look was when she was holding the tomatoes he gathered for her when it was time for her to leave. Whether she has actually ever felt for a man before - she has remarked lately that she did date in the past - but the look she gave him was telling. She absolutely likes him. Now will it develop or not is another thing altogether. From what I observe of Taecyeon, he is not a quitter nor does he give up easily. I have a feeling he will open the lines of communication with her. If they can
be friends it will be good. He will be a loyal friend. Will it develop beyond that? That will be hard to say especially if they don't
collaborate together on another project or don't hang out as she does with several of her male friends. Her male friends, in particular, HongKi (FT Island), Heechul (Super Junior) and Jun Hyung (Beast) are all musicians/singers/band members and contemporaries of Taecyeon. She freely spends time with them within the public eye which means there are no romantic feelings between her and either of these young men. Each has remarked on how much they adore her because of her easy personality and her honesty. So... It will be interesting to see how these good buddies of Shin Hye interact with Taecyeon in the future. A lot can be learned by watching someone's friends interact with a "person of interest".

Just a side note - journoexpat, marthcec15 and fgnuva - this analysis is for you. I decided my opinon is my opinion. If I am "shipping" then so be it. But beyond that I just wanted to explain from my professional perspective the interactions I watched unfolding between these two absolutely normal young people. Neither has a "famous" person mentality so we tend to root for people that are so lovable. We wish them well and there is absolutely nothing wrong in voicing said admiration.

(And from my perspective - ladies you were not off-base with your thinking!)
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135524

Oh la la la la !! thank you sister Sidi may I call you that ? You speak thru my heart . All you have written, I agree with you. I will look forward to your next post .Please write more ! I love the way you analyse these two! We call it "volltreffer" in Germany. Meaning direct hit! (or bullseye ) ha ha ha I enjoyed that!!
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135525

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Sagitandra, Sidy.......welcome to our community! I don't have to ask you to feel at ease or to continue to post because already you seem right at home. I hope you will continue to express your views. They definitely give us something to ponder about. :)

It's very interesting analysis. It might well have some reality in it .....who knows!

There is only one thing I do know for sure that Shinhye has been shipped with all her costars and even with those she appeared in one screen cap....
That's how shippable she is...... :lol:

Shinhye's personality and temperament is such that she naturally puts everyone at ease irrespective of age, gender and personality type. I have not come across a single person who has met or been with her and not felt that they have known her for long. This is why in her first appearance on TMAD.......all wanted her to become a permanent member. They felt that they could be their natural selves because of the total lack of airs on part of Shinhye known to be a top Hallyu star.

With Taecyeon being good looking, gentleman, caring and belonging to her age group it's very natural to like them together. We have seen it before with other costars and undoubtedly will see it again in future too.....that's a given with Shinhye's charisma and title of chemistry Queen.

Shinhye has gone through this phase every time she works on a project and I have found her to be very wary and cautious in such matters. I believe her when she says that she will only reveal the other person in her life once she has decided to marry. So......meanwhile we are free to enjoy the various ships that sail or sink during that period.

That's just my stance on the matter......I will like anyone who treats Shinhye well. Hence , I love so many.......JGS, JYH, LMH, LSJ, LHK, LSG, Heechul, KYK, KWB, Lee Wan, Go Soo, YSY, KJH,SJS, JSW, YYS ....etc, etc, etc Taecyeon's interactions with her definitely were great fun to watch. They looked good , worked well together and provided enough moments for new ship to have sailed.... :P

I have enjoyed her with all and look forward to seeing her chemistry with more.

One thing I have to mention before I take my leave.........this thread sure is always buzzing with action........I am sure it has a lot to do with Taecyeon-Shinhye interactions on TMAD , how good they looked together AND hers with others AND also the fact that she is plain adorable, lovable as she is......that is being herself

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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135528

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Oh wow! I wake up this morning thinking it'll be a rather quiet morning but I find new posts here. Thanks sis Maris for making a kind of overview about the "shipping" stuff. I like how you put it... Sail, sink... Survive should be the other term ha! ha! Every shipping has its own time... Let's just see which "ship" reaches the other side called Real Life and Marriage. A ha!ha!
Of course sis Sidy has given us all a great input... How come I didn't get to study those factors in school? Ha! Ha! But your analysis is so incisive. I was bit surprised to read so much... And definitely quite enriched and engaged. I'll have to "digest" your analysis some more. But they're all worth thinking thru. In a way like sis sonia loubaresse I think you did hit the nail on the head explicating the dynamics. We seem to share common observations the looks sighs. The verbal compliments etc. No one's spoken though about the touching. Is there anybody who's also noticed her slight touching of Taecyeon?
The feeding yes she did more this time. As for Taecyeon I think it's not out of line that we analyze his facial expressions. His is one of the faces that is easy to read so to speak. (but it also needs validation from him so I wish interviews will do that.)
All in all while actions speak louder than words as they say... It'll be the next episodes in real life not in front of tv cameras and maybe not in our view that these two "unofficial couple" will either continue being unofficial or consequently official.
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135529

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Thank you so much sis Sidy for sharing your very detailed analysis of our loves, Taecyeon and ShinHye. I really learned a lot from you. Hope to read more posts from you.

Hello to sis fgnuva, Maris, sonia loubaresse and to all our sisters.
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135530

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So here I go again but I will keep it shorter this time.....I wonder about the reception my analysis will receive and post with trepidation.

I do agree Shin Hye is one of the most "shippable" public figures yet. She certainly is adorable and lovable. Her
personality, gentleness and warmth are what makes her so likable.

I will say again I am not shipping. (For the first time I really want to but will refrain as I watch and analyze). In my line of expertise I have trained for many years to watch and analyze people's body language, gestures and other non-verbal modes of communication. Of course, it isn't infallible. Psychology is at best a subjective science so keep in mind what I see and deduce might mean something totally different to someone else.

I am, however, certified by the court system to analyze and profile which makes me an expert in my field. That said it is
still a subjective field and I acknowledge it as such. Ask any profiler and they will tell you the same thing.
The interesting thing is when many see and deduce the same thing - isn't it fun?

@fgnuva - I meant to remark on the touching but felt my rambling was exceeding length politeness! However, that said,
does anyone remember her touching others in the same manner? I have seen her playfully smack her male co-stars and
acquaintances but always with a jovial, gotcha or I'm gonna get you vibe. I don't remember seeing her ever - ever
touch as she did when she touched Taecyeon's chest or when she encircled his arm at the store or reached first
for him to help her down among a few other touching gestures she made to him. Her feeling comfortable enough to lie down
next to him while they were practicing his lines is probably not her usual demeanor. There may well be other times with
other acquaintances or co-stars that she has been that gentle in touching them but I just don't recall it. This is the
part where I ask for reference on this subject from others that are perhaps more familiar with her movements. I
have been a fan since her 'You're Beautiful' days because a Korean friend from University introduced me to her drama.

To put it simply, she is very comfortable and relaxed around Taecyeon. As stated whether she develops a relationship with
him is one of fate, time and circumstances. As Maris pointed out she has been shipped with everyone and anyone simply because she is so charismatic and men are drawn to her. So once they appear in a screen shot with her they might just be shipped with her. Such is her fame. And since she plans to continue in the entertainment business for the foreseeable future there will be many many more males shipped with her. I have a feeling it is quite burdensome to her at times and so very enviable for her antis....

I have never analyzed or felt the need to analyze an entertainment figure before let lone two of them at the same time.
Isn't it amazing how both Taecyeon and Shin Hye have grabbed our attention in many ways? I will continue to watch and
enjoy both of their future dramas, concerts and other appearances. May they continue their TMAD friendship outside the
confines of the little farm in the countryside.
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135531

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Hi sis@fgnuva! :-V I just wanted to let you know that i already answered the question you asked me in another discussion/forum via PM. Sorry, I know this is totally irrelevant :pinch: hehhe but since i know you're here a lot, higher chances of you reading my message here lol
Also, @eve, I sent you a pm too love... I promise I'll send you love more often hahahah such a bad girl lately :P
Anyway, I wanted to make sure that you were aware of my reply... a bit late hehhe (sorry about that, bit busy lately ugh)
Since I'm already here, is only right to say hi to all the sisters here. hehhe Hi everyone! Having fun? The thread is moving fast, so I take that as a yes :P ahhaha
Take care everyone ;)
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2015 PARK SHIN HYE In Three Meals A Day 5 years 1 month ago #135532

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Annie20 wrote:
Hi sis@fgnuva! :-V I just wanted to let you know that i already answered the question you asked me in another discussion/forum via PM.
Take care everyone ;)

Thanks sis Annie20. So it was you who responded to my query. Hmmm. I didn't know how to acknowledge or respond. Mianhe. I was thinking of going back to that thread and responding but just got too busy lately. Thanks for the clarification.
Sorry sisters didn't mean to bring in something else here.

Oh thank you sis Sidy you gave us some more insights. I noticed the touching or tugging way back in Ep 2 or 3 when they went back to continue planting after it rained. Taecyeon said "Shinhye let's go!" She responded and tugged at his shirt. Or am I noticing too much?
I was going to mention the lying on the bed. In fact in the first visit she sat comfortably on his bed if she had been watching the previous episodes she would have known that's Taecyeon's bed.
And remember this second visit when it rained she did lie down on it. (ohh haha! My naughty mind is working up...ignore me).
Then she shifted bit lower when Taecyeon came. It was bit uncomfortable I think bcoz she raised both legs. Taecyeon covered himself with blanket he was feeling sick or cold? Then later in that period she was lying inside the room fetus like. KK woke her up to continue the harvesting this time without Taecyeon who was permitted to continue sleeping. (oh my naughty mind! It's giving me many possible scenarios. I gotta stop here or commit more sins ha! Ha! Ignore me)
BTW when they were lying on the bed they were rehearsing his lines in Assembly? The conversation was hardly audible.
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